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Custom Programs

In addition to the degree and certificate programs, the Krannert Executive Education team at Purdue University also provides custom programs specially designed to meet the needs of your organization. A custom program reflects your company’s priorities, vision, and philosophy in an environment where your company’s participants can discuss topics and problems openly. 

As such, it is geared to companies that want teams of 10 to 24 employees to have a shared experience that sets a foundation for improved performance.  Since we believe that education is a very personal experience, we design programs in consultation with you to ensure the program is geared to meet your goals and performance metrics. Distinct features of our custom programs include:

  • Ability to Provide a Tailored Program: Our approach includes an assessment segment during which we meet with top management to discuss our proposals, to understand your culture, and to adjust the program to best fit your needs.  Our experience with needs assessment for manufacturing and service organizations ensures that our top-ranked management program and the proposed content best meet your employees’ needs.

  • Discerning between Leadership Levels: Many programs consider leadership to be a monolithic concept or simply discern between managers and leaders.  In contrast, we are able to provide different tracks that reflect the different needs of functional managers and executive managers.  For the functional managers, we generally propose a focus on relationship leadership which reflects their position and responsibilities in the organization. For executive managers, we also focus on strategic leadership which reflects their position within the decision making process.

  • Cutting Edge Knowledge:  Our faculty members are actively engaged in research that provides state-of-the-art knowledge for a management program that can incorporate global issues or specific functional ones.  This knowledge is coupled with the approach for tailoring the program with lasting benefits.

  • International Understanding: Our faculty has worked with companies abroad, done international research, and/or has taught in multiple countries to diverse audiences.  In addition, we have partner schools around the world which allows us to incorporate an international aspect to our programs if needed so that you can include participants from outside the U.S. to ensure cross-border consistency and success.

In the past, we have worked with companies as diverse as Caterpillar, Novartis, Pfizer, Rolls-Royce, and Evonik.  We welcome the opportunity to work with your organization and improve its performance to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.  Please contact us at:

David Schoorman


David Schoorman
Associate Dean for Executive Education Programs

Aldas Kriauciunas
Aldas Kriauciunas, Executive Director

Sally Lutes
Sally Lutes, Director of Business Development