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Company Benefits

Company Benefits

The costs of managerial obsolescence are higher in today's business environment than ever before. To remain competitive, a company must not only renew and upgrade its physical assets, but also nurture and improve its management resources. Those lacking the foresight to develop and invest in managerial talent will not be among the leaders of tomorrow. Likewise, the information explosion demands a continuous effort by professionals to keep abreast of new knowledge and techniques to realize their career objectives and to move their companies forward. The foundation upon which the Krannert Executive MBA program rests is a conviction that successful managers must learn throughout their careers.

Becoming more visible to your employer, peers, and to others both inside and outside your organization requires gathering every skill you can and developing proficiency for solving problems by thinking creatively and analytically. An MBA from Krannert will serve as a catalyst, setting you apart and opening doors of opportunity for you and your company.

The Krannert EMBA Program provides:

  • New skills and ideas from functional courses, tailored courses, and consulting projects that you can immediately apply in your own companies;
  • New life-long relationships with fellow participants, alumni, and top Krannert faculty;
  • New understanding of your organization’s challenges in a competitive international environment;
  • New perspectives from our immersion residencies abroad;
  • New opportunities for your company and career – the average ROI is 121% and over half of the participants have indicated saving their companies $12 million annually.