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Undergraduate Programs

Management faculty

Management covers such a broad area of academia that it is hard to define. Our faculty have advanced degrees and experience in accounting, international business, economics, and finance. They also are leaders in operations, manufacturing, industrial, and supply chain management.

As a prospective student, here is what you need to know: Krannert is a school made up of professors who are leaders in their respective fields. Whether in research for publication or consulting for industry, our team works together to maintain an educational experience that readies you for employment.

We want you to leave Purdue ready to take on the world and find answers to big questions, create opportunities for success, not just for yourself, but for whole communities of people. A Purdue graduate was the first man on the moon. Purdue faculty win Nobel prizes and develop crops to feed hungry nations. We are looking for people who dream as big as we do. Our faculty will push you, it is a rigorous curriculum. Our faculty will know you, Krannert is a small school within a major university.