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Undergraduate Programs

Management curriculum

Management is available as a major, an area of concentration or, for non-Krannert students, a minor.


For a Management major you need to successfully complete 120 credit hours within the official plan of study. Within those 120 hours are lots of opportunities for electives. If you choose a concentration, it takes the place of some of these electives. Say, for example, that you decide to major in Management with a concentration in Accounting. Out of your 120 credit hours, 12 would be selected from the Accounting concentration. Upon graduation you would earn a bachelor of science in management with a concentration in accounting.


A concentration is similar to a minor. If you add a concentration to your major, you can still graduate in four years, and you’ll expand your career options. Students may also pair a Krannert degree with a minor from another college at Purdue. Popular minors include foreign languages, political science, psychology or organizational leadership and supervision, among others.


If you are not enrolled in the Krannert School of Management but you are a Purdue student, you may choose to minor in Management. This requires you to successfully complete 15 credit hours from the Management minor plan of study. You would graduate with your bachelor's degree in your chosen major with a minor in management.

This provides you with many options. Talk with your advisor about your plans, interests and goals. Your advisor is the best person to work with to create an academic plan that will challenge you, fulfill you and prepare you for an exciting career.