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Undergraduate Programs

Quantitative Methods plan of study

Quantitative Methods is an area of concentration within Industrial Management. Your concentration is part of your major, so the classes listed below will be taken as part of the 124 credit hours that your major requires.

Complete 2 or 3 of these Quantitative Methods classes:
Six Sigma and Quality Management, Advanced Spreadsheet Modeling & Simulation, Business Data Mining, Database Management Systems and Econometrics.

and Complete 1 or 2 of these:
Marketing Research, Marketing Analytics, Investment Management, Advanced Manufacturing Planning & Control Systems, Auditing, Financial Mathematics and Game Theory

Talk with your advisor for specific details. You can print the entire list of concentrations here. You may take multiple concentrations at a time and one class may count toward several different concentrations. Your advisor can help you design your degree and select appropriate concentrations so that you are in the best position to pursue your career goals.

Click on Industrial Management below. Quantitative Methods classes will take the place of some of the electives. Again, lots of options, lots of choices, so be sure to talk with your advisor.

Industrial Management

The order in which you take courses can be important. We suggest the following schedule for Industrial Management majors:

SEMESTER 1, 16 credit hours
Analytic Geometry & Calculus I, First Year Composition, Chemistry or Physics, Psychology or Sociology Elective, Management Lectures

SEMESTER 2, 17 credit hours
Analytic Geometry & Calculus II, Fundamentals of Speech, Chemistry or Physics, General Elective, World History

SEMESTER 3, 16 credit hours
Multivariate Calculus, Introductory Accounting, Organizational Computing, Microeconomics, International Elective

SEMESTER 4, 15 credit hours
Intro to Probability Models, Management Accounting I, Macroeconomics, Specialty Area 1 or Elective, Literature or Fine Arts

SEMESTER 5, 16 credit hours
Business Statistics, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Specialty Area 2, Management Career Development

SEMESTER 6, 16 credit hours
Management Science, Organizational Behavior, Managerial Economics, Management Information Systems, Business Writing, General Elective

SEMESTER 7, 15 credit hours
Legal Foundations of Business I, Human Resources Management, Professional Elective, International Elective, Specialty Area 3

SEMESTER 8, 15 credit hours
Strategic Management, Specialty Area 4, Specialty Area 5, General Elective

Total credit hours = 126 to graduate