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Undergraduate Programs

Requirements for Upper Division ACCT/FINC/MGMT/MRKT/SCIA/SOM

The purpose of the MAI/EAI is to give all Krannert students a common academic background and to allow the student an opportunity to acclimate to the academic environment at Purdue. 

To be admitted to upper division Management Courses, you MUST meet the automatic acceptance requirements. Conditions for auto acceptance are listed below. Three hundred level and higher School of Management courses can be taken only after admission to Upper Division Management.


Automatic Acceptance
Minimum number of hours completed  12
Minimum GPA on MAI courses* 3.0 GPA
Minimum Cumulative GPA 2.5 GPA
Courses that MUST be completed before going to Upper Division Students on 2013 or later plans of study:
Management Admission Index (MAI) courses: ENGL 106/108, MA 223*/16010/161/165, MA 224/16020/162/166,  ECON 251, and MGMT 200**.
Students entering Krannert in 2010: Above courses plus COM 114.
Students entering Krannert in 2009: Above courses plus COM 114 and CS 235.
Other Requirements Must have "C-" or higher in all MAI and School of Management courses.  May not be on Probation.

* Pre-calculus courses are not required for the MAI or plan of study but may be required as a pre-requisite for calculus. Pre-calculus is not used as part of the MAI for students on 2013 or later plans of study.

** A maximum of three MAI courses may be retaken. MAI courses may not be attempted more than two times.