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Non-Krannert Students

Non-Krannert students are students not pursuing a Krannert MAJOR

Thinking about transferring to Krannert School of Management from another Purdue college/major? Visit here.

Academic Advising for non-Krannert students: Do you have questions about an Economics or Management minor, or thinking about CODO'ing in to Krannert? Academic Advisors are available to answer your questions by email at  or in person on the 3rd Floor of Krannert during the dates and times listed below:

May 8th - August 18th






1:30 -3:00pm

1:30-3:00 pm

1:30-3:000 pm

1:30 -3:00pm

Email & Phone Calls Only

**Walk-ins will not be available on the following dates**
July 10th, 2017
July 17-21, 2017

Notice of Course Number Changes:

Old Number

New Number

Course Title

MGMT 354

MGMT 254

Legal Foundations of Business I

MGMT 451

MGMT 352

Strategic Management

ECON 419

ECON 301

Managerial Economics


To enroll in an Upper Division Krannert Course (ECON, MGMT, OBHR 30000 or higher):

All upper division courses will have their major restrictions lifted for non-Krannert students on the dates shown below (no additional steps are necessary). Please be patient on these days as this is a manual process that may take several hours to complete.

  • Summer 2017 - restrictions lift March 13th, 2017
  • Fall 2017 - restrictions lift May 1st, 2017

Note: This does not include MGMT 304, 323, or 455. These courses have no restrictions to non-Krannert students. 

If courses are full after restrictions have been lifted or overrides have been processed, please use the waitlist. For more information on how to waitlist, please see here: Waitlisting. Waitlists expire the Friday before classes begin. Closed course overrides will not be provided and space is not guaranteed! Certain instructors may decide to accept students with a Krannert major or minor only prior to allowing students outside of Krannert to register. 

To obtain a pre-req override from Krannert, you should:

  • 1. Contact the instructor of the course via email and request an override
    • NOTE: It is completely up to the instructor whether you are granted an override. If they deny your request, you cannot take the course. 
  • 2. Forward the approval to the Krannert Advising Office 
    • Send the approval from your PU email account
    • Include your PUID

Note: This is different than in previous semesters where the survey was required for enrollment. The survey is no longer required. 

Minors in the Krannert School of Management:

Krannert offers a Business Economics, Economics, and a Management minor to non-Krannert students. Select your plan of study based upon your minor and the year you entered Purdue:


Business Economics Minor 2017 Economics 2017 Management 2017


Economics 2016 Management 2016


Economics 2015 Management 2015


Economics 2014 Management 2014