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Undergraduate Programs

Women in Management

The Women in Management program focuses on:

  • empowering women
  • advancing women’s business careers
  • creating a supportive culture for women at Krannert

Students work side-by-side with faculty, staff and alumni to create opportunities for learning and professional development. Inspired by Krannert’s successful women alumni, the program supports academic scholarships and funding for leadership development activities. 

To create strong professional networks for women, the program partners with corporations as well as Purdue and community organization to sponsor a variety of learning activities.  MGMT 390, Women in Management, is a course that connects students with alumni for career and work/life advice. 

Research shows that a woman’s education affects not only that individual, but the health, education and productivity of future generations. For this reason, Krannert has high aspirations for the Women in Management program to impact both our students and the larger community.