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Finance Degree Requirements

SEMESTER 1, 14 credit hours
Applied Calculus 1, First-year English Composition, Elementary Psychology or Introductory Sociology, Management Lectures, and University Core Science Elective

SEMESTER 2, 16 credit hours
Applied Calculus 2, Fundamentals of Speech Communication, Microeconomics, University Core Human Cultures, University Core Science Elective, and Professional Career Management

SEMESTER 3, 15 credit hours
Introductory Accounting, Introduction to Probability Models, Organizational Computing, Business Writing, University Core Science, Technology & Society and General Elective

SEMESTER 4, 15 credit hours
Management Accounting I, Macroeconomics, Business Statistics, International Elective and General Elective

SEMESTER 5, 15 credit hours
Financial Management, Marketing Management, Organizational Behavior, Management Informations Systems and Business Writing

SEMESTER 6, 15 credit hours
Legal Foundations of Business I, Econometrics, Strategic Management, Finance Major Course, and International Elective

SEMESTER 7, 15 credit hours
Operations Management, Money and Banking, Finance Major Course (2), and General Elective

SEMESTER 8, 15 credit hours
Finance Major Course (2) and General Elective (3)

Total credit hours, 120 for degree completion