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Dan Ward made this video when he was a senior Industrial Management student at Krannert. He’s currently enjoying his career in Global Management with Anheuser-Busch.

Industrial Management

Industrial Management students are multi-talented. With a specialized business focus, students can forecast company growth and talk numbers in the board room as well as solve logistical problems in business operations. This flexibility has shown greater opportunity and faster upward mobility within organizations than most other business majors.

Industrial Management students combine rigorous courses in math, science, and business to sharpen strong analytic, business and technical skills. A dedication to continually learning -- new processes, technology and skills -- is a hallmark of an Industrial Management student. Specialties range from technical management areas to science and engineering.

Many Industrial Management graduates begin their careers in corporate leadership development rotational programs, where they gain additional business and technical knowledge.  Others start their careers as production supervisors, operations analysts, strategic sourcing analysts or software business analysts. 

Students may choose from the following concentrations: Analytical Consulting, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Financial Engineering, Management Information Systems, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Quantitative Methods, Statistics and Science (Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, and Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences).

Industrial Management

within Six months
of Graduating

$55,655 Average


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