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Abby Dekkers excels in her career as a Finance Manager at L’Oreal in the Luxury Headquarters. How did she get there? A Management degree, a job in Amsterdam, then back to Krannert for her MBA.


Management majors mean business. They effectively lead, coordinate and communicate innovative solutions in all aspects of an organization from operations to human resources. They are adaptable leaders with strong roots in analytics, complemented by solid communication skills that help them compete in the business world.

A multi-functional approach to coursework allows you to discover different business areas at the same time like finance, strategy, law and organizational behavior. You’ll refine your critical thinking, communication and analytical skills as you explore these different aspects of business. Students can add concentration areas to focus on specific interests.

Graduates pursue many different job opportunities. Some begin in corporate management rotational programs, as account executives or as project managers. You will find Krannert management graduates in companies like Boeing, General Motors,, and Target Corporation.


within Six months
of Graduating

$51,438 Average

Krannert Information SessionKrannert Information Session