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Marketing Course Descriptions


Brand Management (MGMT 42600)   

This course is mainly focuses on the issues of how to build brand equity, how to measure brand equity, and how to manage and/or grow the brand of interest.

Digital and Social Media Marketing (MGMT 49000)  

Digital marketing is where marketing meets the internet, wireless devices, and other digital media. The course covers a variety of topics including online advertising, search engine optimization, participation in social media, online listening and monitoring, and web & social media analytics. Through a combination of lecture, case studies, hands-on exercises, and mini-course projects, students develop capabilities in designing, implementing, and evaluating digital marketing strategies. Students can also gain hands-on learning experience in the course by participating in a Google sponsored online marketing challenge and Google+ social media competition. In the online marketing challenge each student team is given $250 to promote a chosen business via Google AdWords platform (including search engine advertising and regular online advertising).

International Marketing (MGMT 42200)

Most U.S. businesses, large and small, are becoming deeply involved in international business. The trend is going to grow even stronger because of the influence of the World Trade Organization and regional trade blocks. Under these circumstances, it is imperative that business managers possess the skill set to adapt their marketing strategies to the needs of international markets. The course will cover the concepts and theories pertaining to international marketing and provide the tools necessary to develop an international marketing plan.

Marketing Analytics (MGMT 49000)

This course covers essential decision models and strategic metrics that form the cornerstone of marketing analytics. Using the insight gained in the course, students can predict the outcome of marketing plans to boost return on marketing investment (ROMI). The course emphasizes case studies and hands-on learning so students can immediately apply the tools and techniques. A variety of relevant topics are discussed, such as market sizing, forecasting and positioning, promotion budget allocation, profit maximization, and communicating to senior executives through data-driven presentations.

Marketing Management (MGMT 32400)

The objectives of this course are to expose students to the problems commonly faced by marketing managers and to develop skills in analyzing marketing problems and preparing implementable plans of action based on analyses of given business situations. Cases and a marketing simulation are used to focus the discussion and to reinforce learning of key marketing concepts.

Marketing Research (MGMT 42500)

The purpose of this course is to develop skills in the planning and execution of market research studies designed to acquire useful information for marketing decisions. It aims to familiarize students with techniques of research design, data collection, and analysis. Emphasis is placed on evaluating the results obtained from such investigations.

New Product Development (MGMT 42300)

Provides an overview of the new product development process. Detailed insights are provided in the "fuzzy front end" of this process. Targeting positioning, and product decisions are also covered. The second half of the course completes the marketing mix and covers various market testing and product launch issues.