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Course Approval information

Krannert Study Abroad Course Pre-Approval Process:

Pre-Approved Course list for Study Abroad:

Program course list

  • In the Krannert Intranet/SharePoint site, there is a historical list of study abroad courses which have been pre-approved by Krannert faculty in the last two years.  This site may be accessed here:  
  • You may look for pre-approved courses by program or by course.
  • The list of courses is not exhaustive but merely a list of the most recently approved courses.
  • In order to have a pre-approved course printed on your Study Abroad Course approval form, you must submit a request for that course.  See general information below.
  • Any non pre-approved course you would like reviewed by faculty in order to take abroad may be submitted to the Online Course approval site .  See  general information below.

General Information

  • Krannert uses an online SharePoint program to complete course pre-approvals and to print forms.  This form is a replication of the paper copy provided to students from the SA office. The Online Course Approval Instructions may be accessed here:
  • Students must review published course information for the university where they have been accepted to study abroad in order to determine what courses are being offered during their semester abroad.
  • Students need to work with their academic advisor to determine what course options they have left in their plan of study from which to choose courses to take while studying abroad.
  • ONLY BUSINESS COURSES can be submitted to the Krannert online system.  
  • Non-business courses must be pre-approved by the appropriate Purdue Study Abroad Liaison for the subject area.  Click here for Study Abroad Liaison list.
  • If you would like to take a pre-approved course, you simply have to click yes to select:
  • Online form
  • If you would like to submit a new course approval request, select no when asked "Do you wish to take a pre-approved course?" and complete form as stated:

Course request