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Undergraduate Programs

Summer in Siena

Information session to learn more about this program:

THURSDAY, JANUARY 30TH- 5:00-6:00pm - BRNG 1268

At a glance:

Location: Siena, Italy

Program Dates: June 23-July 18, 2014

Host: University of Siena and Purdue's College of Liberal Arts & Krannert School of Management.

Eligibility: The program is open to CLA and Krannert undergraduate students.

Course Credits: Students will earn 6 credits which can be applied toward graduation requirements.

Cost: The charges for this program will be approximately $4500.  Cost includes tuition/fees and housing in Siena.

Housing: Students will stay in the student dormitories at the University of Siena.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Students may apply for up to a $1000 scholarship to use toward program expenses.  For more information click here!

Language Requirement: None.

Application Deadline:  February 1, 2014.  Limited space is available so apply early!

Contact: Laishan Tam (taml@purdue.edu) OR Lindsey DiTirro (lditirro@purdue.edu)


Academic Program: Classes will be taught by Purdue Faculty from the Krannert School of Management (Carol Jacobson) and the College of Liberal Arts (Jeong-Nam Kim).  Students will earn a total of 6 credit hours for the program.  Students may choose two classes from the following three options:

  • MGMT 390: Global Insights Using Scenario Planning (3 credits) will equip students with skills in adapting to changing circumstances by learning and applying some basic exercises in scenario planning.  Through the tool of scenario planning, students will grapple with the implications of developing trends such as resource scarcity, technological changes, climate change, and population growth, and propose solutions to sustainability issues.  This course may be used as a professional, international, or general elective in any Krannert Plan of Study and toward an International Business Concentration.  Students may earn credit from multiple MGMT 390 courses, providing the courses have different titles.
  • COM 253: Introduction to Public Relations (3 credits) will cover an analysis of public relations theory and practice from their origins to the present.  From a communication perspective, this course excmines public relations environments, audiences, and message strategies.  This course may be used as a general elective in any Krannert Plan of Study.
  • COM 325: Interviewing Principles and Practice (3 credits) will cover the theory and practive of methods used in selected interview settings, including informational, emplyment and focus groups.  This applied class is designed to help students develop real-world skills as both an interviewee and an interveiwer.  This course may be used as a general elective in any Krannert Plan of Study and toward an OBHR concentration.