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Program Details


Thursday February 16, 5:30-6:30PM KRAN G016


London, United Kingdom

Program Dates: May 11 – June 24, 2017. Spend 6 unforgettable weeks in London!
Host: FIE-Foundation for International Education
Eligibility: The program is open to all Krannert undergraduate students and Purdue students pursuing a Management minor with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75/4.0.  Students do not need to be accepted into Krannert upper division to participate in the program or take the courses. Also, successful completion of courses during the London study abroad program does not impact or guarantee admission to upper division.  All MAI/EAI/Minor requirements must still be met to take 300 or higher level MGMT, ECON or OBHR courses at Purdue West Lafayette campus.  All grades and credit completed during the London study abroad program will apply to the plans of study regardless if the student took the course while in lower division.
Course Credits: Students will earn 6 credits by taking MGMT 39000 (British Life and Business) AND either MGMT 31000 (Fundamentals of Finance) or MGMT 32400 (Marketing Management) or Econ 49000 (The Economic Integration of the European Union which may substitute for ECON 419 requirement or Upper Econ elective).

Fee includes all Purdue fees, tuition, housing, excursions, insurance, and a pass for local transportation. Participants will pay directly for air fare, meals, travel documents, and personal expenses.


Krannert students may apply for Krannert specific scholarships in addition to the $2000 Purdue Moves Scholarship. For more information click here!

Language Requirements: None.

March 3, 2017. Click here to apply!

February 1, 2017. Krannert Scholarship deadline (students will be notified by mid-February of Scholarship standing)

Contact: for more information.

Course Descriptions

Academic Program: Classes will be held Monday through Friday (weekly schedule may vary depending on the course/faculty needs), allowing students time for optional travel on weekends. All courses/modules will be taught by British adjunct instructors hired by Foundation for International Education (FIE) with the approval of the Krannert faculty/dean. Students will earn a total of 6 credit hours for the program.  All students will take the MGMT 39000, British Life and Business course PLUS one additional course chosen between MGMT 31000 - Financial Management; MGMT 32400 - Marketing Management; OR Econ 49000 - The Political Economy of the European Union (may substitute for ECON 419 requirement or Upper Econ elective). Acceptance into Krannert upper division not required.


  • British Life and Business - MGMT 39000: This 3 credit course will provide an examination of British culture and life in a business context. The course will examine the issues of politics, monarchy, parliament and democracy in England and the significance of the British Empire in the development of multiculturalism, as well as the country’s impact on the development of business and trade. Students will also study the UK as part of the European Union and its complex role in it. Cultural impact on the organizational decision making, negotiations, human resource management, and business functions, such as marketing, will be reviewed.  This course may be used toward international, professional (or Krannert), or free elective.


  • Financial Management (Fundamentals of Finance) - MGMT 31000: This 3 credit course will introduce students to fundamental concepts in corporate finance and provide an understanding of basic financial calculations. The course also aims to provide a basis for further studies related to managerial responsibilities and financial markets.  Students enrolled in this course will expand their confidence in performing financial calculations, communication, and team-work and presentation   skills to support their activity during the course.  Topics in the course will cover a wide range of issues such as financial markets and systems, investment decisions, debt financing and capital structure.
  • Marketing Management - MGMT 32400: This 3 credit course prepares students to think strategically about marketing in today’s global environment. After successful completion of this course, students have a basic understanding of the marketing concept, the marketing mix (product, place, promotion and price), segmentation, targeting, positioning, customer value, branding, services marketing, global marketing, marketing metrics, consumer and business behaviour, ethics and social responsibility in marketing, market planning, market research, and competitive analysis.
  • The Political Economy of the European Union - ECON 49000This 3 credit course develops students’ understanding of initial stages of EU integration such as the free trade area, single market, and Economic and Monetary Union and develops students’ understanding of the EU's economy and the processes of integration and enlargement. In addition, students investigate the impact of a wide range of EU policies on life and business in the EU and outside.  This course may substitute for the ECON 41900 requirement.

Excursions: Included are a guided tour of South Kensington, a half-day guided tour of London, and course related site visits. Other optional activities include comedy clubs, live music, soccer games, theater, etc.

Accommodations: Students will live in shared self-catering apartments in FIE residences located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, an area of four-and-a-half square miles with a population of 150,000. Kensington’s islands of residential buildings are bordered by some of London’s most fashionable streets with pubs, restaurants, and all the essential amenities including 24-hour supermarkets, banks and post offices. The West End, London’s main theater district, is just 15 minutes away.