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All seminars will be virtual.  A link will be sent for each seminar.  

February 25 Maria Bigoni, University of Bologna
Rational Cooperation and Reputational Effects
March 16 Jaroslav Borovicka, NYU
Survey data and subjective beliefs in business cycle models
March 30 Sam Kortum, Yale University
Optimal Unilateral Carbon Policy
April 8 Sigrid Seutens, Tilburg University
Hot Versus Cold reciprocity
April 13 Scott Taylor, University of Calgary
Trade, Competitive Exclusion, and the Slow-motion Extinction of the Southern Resident Killer Whales
April 15 Ange Kajakaite, Berlin Social Science Center 
Lying for Image
April 20 Michael Waugh, NYU
Quantifying the Losses from International Trade
April 23 Sally Sadoff, UC San Diego 
Do People Respond to the Climate Impact of their Behavior?  The Effect of Carbon Footprint Information on Grocery Purchases
April 27 Yinxi Xie, Bank of Canada
Fiscal and Monetary Policy Interaction under Limited Foresight
April 29 Alex Rees-Jones, University of Pennsylvania
The Negative Consequences of Loss-Framed Performance Incentives
April 30 Wataru, Miyamoto, Hong Kong University