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PhD Program in MIS

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The PhD program in MIS is designed to produce world-class scholars in Management Information Systems. We measure our goal in the ability to place our PhD students in institutions where research, teaching, and service are encouraged and rewarded.

In line with this objective, we train our PhD students to recognize critical IS/IT research questions that may span one or more problem areas and to structure problems so that they can be effectively addressed. For this, students must master analytical and/or empirical methodologies from disciplines such as economics, operations research, and computer science. Coursework, graduate assistant appointments, and mentoring relationships are aimed at developing these research capabilities. PhD students demonstrate their research capabilities through:

  • Passing their preliminary examination
  • Defending their dissertation proposal and final dissertation.

Apart from research, we also want to ensure that our PhD students are capable of conducting graduate and undergraduate level MIS coursework. Finally, we expect our students to actively participate in the information systems community. Presenting papers in conferences or workshops and reviewing manuscripts are some of the ways in which students can serve the IS community.

The tenure of an MIS PhD student at the Krannert School of Management is typically four years. Tuition-waiver and other funding opportunities are provided for the entire four-year duration, provided academic performance remains satisfactory. During this period, students will have to complete the set of requirements outlined below. Note that we seek to provide an environment conducive to research. We strongly encourage students to avail these opportunities and become involved in research activities as early as possible in order to be able to complete their program in four years.