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OBHR in the News

Professor Kelly Wilson had several articles accepted or published in the last year including the following top tier articles:

Wilson, K. S., DeRue, D. S., Matta, F. K., Howe, M., & Conlon, D. E. (in press). Personality similarity in negotiations: Testing the dyadic effects of similarity in interpersonal traits and the use of emotional displays on negotiation outcomes. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Wilson, K. S., & Baumann, H. M. (2015). Capturing a more complete view of employees’ lives outside of work: The introduction and development of new interrole conflict constructs. Personnel Psychology, 68, 235-282.

          *Heidi Baumann is a recent OBHR area PhD program graduate

Professor Wilson was featured as one of the 2016 Favorite Business School MBA Professors on Poets & Quants (

Professor Wilson was promoted to Associate Professor of Management.

Professor Ben Dunford had several conference awards:

Academy of Management Best Papers Award Winner.  Human Resources Management Division, 2016.  

Organization and Management Theory Division, 2015.

Labor and Employee Relations Association Competitive Papers Award Winner, 2015.

         *All of these papers were with OBHR area PhD candidate Matthew Perrigino.

All Conference Top Rated Posters Award Winner, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2015, with Professor Kelly Wilson.

Research Fellowship Grant, Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering, Purdue University, 2016

Professor Dunford’s research on employee ownership, with former OBHR area PhD student Liang Zhu, was cited in the Economist magazine in 2015: When workers are owners. The Economist, Schumpeter Column, pg. 26, August 22, 2015.

Professor Brian Dineen had two recent top tier journal acceptances:

Dineen, B.R., Duffy, M.K., Henle, C.A., & Lee, K.  (in press).  Green by comparison: Deviant and normative transmutations of job search envy in a temporal context.  To appear in the Academy of Management Journal.

Dineen, B.R. & Allen, D.G.  (2016).  Third party employment branding: Human capital inflows and outflows following ‘Best Places to Work’ certifications.  Academy of Management Journal, 59, 90-112.


Professor Mike Campion had several publications in the past year:

Campion, M. C., Campion, M. A., Campion, E. D., & Reider, M. H. (2016).  Initial investigation into computer scoring of candidate essays for personnel selection.  Journal of Applied Psychology, 101, 958-975.

Porter, C. M., Woo, S. E., & Campion, M. A.  (2016).  Internal and external networking differentially predict turnover through job embeddedness and job offers.  Personnel Psychology, 69, 635-672.

Hartwell, C. J., & Campion, M. A. (2016).  Getting on the same page: The effect of normative feedback interventions on structured interview ratings.  Journal of Applied Psychology, 101, 757-778.

            *Chris Hartwell is a recent OBHR area PhD program graduate

Adler, S., Campion, M., Colquitt, A., Grubb, A., Murphy, K., Rob Ollander-Krane, R., & Pulakos, E.  Getting Rid of Performance Ratings: Genius or Folly?--A Debate.  (2016).  Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 9, 219-252.

Morgeson, F. P., Spitzmuller, M., Garza, A. S., & Campion, M. A.  (in press).  Pay attention! The liabilities of respondent experience and carelessness when making job analysis judgments.  Journal of Management.

Campion, M. C., Campion, E. D., & Campion, M. A.  (2015).  Improvements in performance management through the use of 360 feedback. Industrial and Organizational Psychology:  Perspectives on Science and Practice, 8(1), 85-93.

Flores, G., Posthuma, R. A., & Campion, M. A.  (in press).  Managing the Risk of Negative Effects of High Performance Work Practices.  In N. Ashkanasy, B. Bennett, & M. Martinko (Eds.), Understanding the high performance workplace: The line between motivation and abuse.  SIOP Frontier Series, Routledge Psychology Press.

Professor Ellen Ernst Kossek was a co-author on a paper awarded the Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award for excellence in work-life research.  The Kanter Award is given to the authors who publish the best work-family research article during a calendar year.

Kossek also had her work on work life boundaries featured in the Wall Street Journal  and was invited by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management to be the work-life captain for a federal HR research summit and was the keynote speaker at the Korean Management Association

She was program chair of the inaugural conference on gender and leadership excellence held at Krannert School of Management this year (link no longer available). She has received grants this year from the Russell Sage Foundation and the National Institute of Aging.

She has had many publications this year with a sampling below:

Kossek, E. Pisczcek, M.  McAlpine, K. Hammer, L. Burke L.  2016.  Filling the Holes: Work Schedulers as Job Crafters of Employment Practice in Long-Term Health Care. Industrial and Labor Relations Review,   69: 4: 961-960.  DOI: 10.1177/0019793916642761

Kossek, E., E. & Perrigino, M.   2016, Resilience: A review using a grounded integrative occupational approach.  Academy of Management Annals, 10: 1: 729-797.  DOI: 10.1080/19416520.2016.1159878

            *Matt Perrigino is an OBHR area PhD student

Hammer, L.B., Johnson, R.C., Crain, T.L., Bodner T., Kossek E.E., Davis, K.D., Kelly, E.L., Buxton, O.M., Karuntzos, G., Chosewood, C., Berkman, L., 2015.  Intervention Effects on Safety Compliance and Citizenship Behaviors: Evidence from the Work, Family, and Health Study. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Kossek, E.  2016. Managing work life boundaries in the digital age.  Organizational Dynamics. DOI: 10.1016/j.orgdyn.2016.07.010

 Kossek, E., Ollier-Malaterre, A., Lee, M., D., Pichler, S. & Hall, D T. 2016.  Line Managers’ Rationales regarding Reduced-Load Work of Professionals in Embracing and Ambivalent Organizational Contexts, Human Resource Management Journal.55, (1)  pp. 143- 171.,

Professor David Schoorman is co-principal investigator on a multi-year project to study the antecedents of trust across national cultures. The project will design and develop a study to collect original data on trust in 25-30 countries. Co-investigators on the study are Professors Roger Mayer (North Carolina State University) and Hwee Hoon Tan (Singapore Management University), both graduates of Krannert’s PhD program. The project is funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and includes funding for graduate student research assistantships and post-doctoral fellows.

Professor Meara Habashi recently published an article in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin that has received a recent media push:

Meara Habashi, William Graziano, and Ann Hoover. Searching for the Prosocial Personality: A Big Five Approach to linking Personality and Prosocial Behavior Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, first published on July 8, 2016. DOI: 10.1177/0146167216652859.


Ph.D. Candidate Lusi Wu is an author on a paper that won Best Paper Award in the Organizational Behavior Division Program of Academy of Management, 75th Annual Meeting of Academy of Management, Vancouver, Canada (2015):

 Liao, Z., Wu, L., Song, Z., Li, X., & Liu, Y. (2015). Leader-Member Social Exchange Process: The Mediating Roles of Gratitude and Momentary Trust in Leader. Paper presented at 75th Annual Meeting of Academy of Management, Vancouver, Canada.

 Lusi is also an author on the following paper, with Professors Ellen Kossek and Rong Su from I/O Psychology, recently accepted for Journal of Management’s Annual Review Issue: “Opting-Out” Or “Pushed-Out”?  Integrating Perspectives on Women’s Career Equality for Gender Inclusion and Interventions”

Professor Meara Habashi recently published an article in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin that has received recent media attention:

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