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Featured Research

 Krannert School of Management Building

Names in bold represent our past and present faculty and students.


Dineen, B.R., Duffy, M.K., Henle, C.A., & Lee, K.  Green by comparison: Deviant and normative transmutations of job search envy in a temporal context.  Academy of Management Journal.

Dineen, B.R. & Allen, D.G.  Third party employment branding: Human capital inflows and outflows following ‘Best Places to Work’ certifications.  Academy of Management Journal.

Hartwell, C.J. & Campion, M.A. The effect of normative feedback interventions on structured interview ratings. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Alge, B. J., Ballinger, G. A., Tangirala, S., & Oakley, J. Information privacy in organizations: Empowering creative and extra-role performance. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Tangirala, S., & Alge, B. J. Reactions to unfair events in computer-mediated groups: Test of uncertainty management theory. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision  Processes.

Alge, B. J., & Anthony, E. L. The effects of supervisory interpersonal justice when big brother is watching. Academy of Management, Best Paper Proceedings.

Levashina, J., Hartwell, C. J., Morgeson, F. P., & Campion, M. A. The structured employment interview: Narrative and quantitative review of the research literature. Personnel Psychology.

Toh, S. T., Morgeson, F. P., & Campion, M. A. Human resource configurations: Investigating fit with the organizational context. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Morgeson, F., Campion, M. A., Dipboye, R., Hollenbeck, J., Murphy, K., & Schmitt, N.  Are we getting fooled again? Coming to terms with limitations in the use of personality tests for personnel selection. Personnel Psychology.

Levashina, J. & Campion, M. A. Measuring faking in the employment interview: Development and validation of an interview faking behavior scale. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Dineen, B.R., Ling, J., Ash, S.R., & Delvecchio, D. Aesthetic properties and message customization: Navigating the dark side of web recruitment. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Lopez-Kidwell, V., Grosser, T.J., Dineen, B.R., & Borgatti, S.P. What matters when: A multistage model and empirical examination of job search effort.  Academy of Management Journal.

Campion, M. A., & Berger, C.  Conceptual integration and empirical test of job design and compensation relationships. Personnel Psychology.

Cosier, R. A., & Dalton, D. R.  Management training and development in a nonprofit organization. Public Personnel Management.

Hansen, S. D., Alge, B. J., Brown, M. E., Jackson, C. L., & Dunford, B. B.  Ethical leadership: Assessing the value of a multifoci social exchange perspective. Journal of Business Ethics.

Dunford, B. B., Shipp, A. J., Boss, R. W., Angermeier, I., & Boss, A. D. Is burnout static or dynamic? A career transition perspective of employee burnout trajectories. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Dunford, B. B., Boudreau, J., & Boswell, W. Out-of-the-money: The impact of underwater stock options on executive job search. Personnel Psychology.

Hundley, G.  Why and when are the self-employed more satisfied with their work?  Industrial Relations.

Hundley, G., & Jacobson, C.K. The Effects of the Keiretsu on the export performance of Japanese companies: Help or hindrance?  Strategic Management Journal.

Trougakos, J. P.,  Jackson, C. L., & Beal, D. J.  Service without a smile: Comparing the consequences of neutral and positive display rules. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Crain, T., Hammer, L., Bodner, T., Kossek, E., Moen, P., Lilienthal, R., & Buxton, O.  Work-family conflict, family-supportive supervisor behaviors (FSSB), and sleep outcomes.  Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.

Kossek, E., Baltes, B. B., & Matthews, R. A.  How work-family research can finally have an impact in the workplace. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice.

Kossek, E., & Hammer, L.  Supervisor work/life training gets results. Harvard Business Review.

Wilson, K. S., Sin, H. P., & Conlon, D. E.  What about the leader in leader-member exchange? The impact of resource exchanges and substitutability on the leader.  Academy of Management Review.

Ilies, R., Wilson, K. S., & Wagner, D. T.  The spillover of daily job satisfaction onto employees' family lives: The facilitating role of work-family integration. Academy of Management Journal.

Ilies, R., Schwind, K. M., Wagner, D. T., Johnson, M. D., DeRue, D. S., & Ilgen, D. R.  When can employees have a family life? The effects of daily workload and affect on work-family conflict and social behaviors at home. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Schoorman, F. D., Mayer, R. C. & Davis, J. H.  An integrative model of organizational trust: Past, present and future. Academy of Management Review.

Ballinger, G. A., Lehman, D. W. & Schoorman, F. D.  Leader-member exchange and turnover before and after succession events. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

Davis, J., Schoorman, F. D., & Donaldson, L.  Towards a stewardship theory of management. Academy of Management Review.