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We extend a warm welcome to new faculty joining the Department in AY 2019-2020. Joining the ranks of our faculty is Elchin Suleymanov.  Dr. Suleymanov joins Purdue from the University of Michigan where he completed his Ph.D. in Economics and was a Graduate Student Instructor. He specializes in Microeconomic Theory and Industrial Organization.  

CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Timothy Bond - Associate Professor of Economics

Timothy Bond was promoted to Associate Professor of Economics by the Purdue Board of Trustees in April.  Dr. Bond is a labor economist with particular interest in inequality.  His previous work includes looking at the impact of Japanese import competition on racial inequality, how SAT scores change college application behavior and measurement issues related to happiness. 

CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Cathy Zhang - Associate Professor of Economics

Cathy Zhang was promoted to Associate Professor of Economics by the Purdue Board of Trustees in April. Dr. Zhang is a macroeconomist with interests in monetary economics, banking, and search theory. Some of her recent research studies how monetary policy affects firms' corporate finance choices and bank lending, the impact of lending relationships on optimal monetary policy, and the factors driving competition between multiple currencies. . 

CONGRATULATIONS Dr. David Hummels - Distinguished Professor of Economics

David Hummels, The Dr. Samuel R. Allen Dean of Krannert School of Management and Professor of Economics  was named Distinguished Professor of Economics by the Purdue University Board of Trustees in June.  He is a world renowned and widely cited scholar in the field of International Economics.  Dr. Hummels has published 4 books and more than 40 research articles.

CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Justin Tobias - Loeb Chair in Economics

Justin Tobias, Department Head of Economics and Senior Associate Dean of the  Krannert School of Management  and professor was named the Loeb Chair in Economics at the August meeting of the Board of Trustees of Purdue University.  Dr. Tobias conducts research in econometrics, specifically the theory and application of the Bayesian econometric methods.  Hehas served as an Associate Editor of several top journals. 

CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Kevin Mumford - Kozuch Director of Purdue University Research Center in Economics (PURCE)

Kevin Mumford, Professor of Economics and Director of PURCE since 2018 was named the Kozuch Director of PURCE. His research focuses on economic policy evaluation in areas of taxation, education, labor market regulations and national wealth accounting. 


New Specialization Areas for Online MS-Economics Program

The Krannert School's Department of Economics online masters program was recently ranked as one of the best in the nation.  This program teaches analytic and quantitative methods necessary to evaluate, optimize and forecast economic and business outcomes. Cutting-edge quantitative and empirical instruction methods including econometrics, statistical software applications, modern computational and programming tools, business forecasting, game theory and experimental economics are among some of the courses.  Full curriculum information can be found at:

The program can be accomplished completely online, or a combination or online and classroom attendance.  The program is also flexible and affordable.  

MS Economics Program is STEM Certified. 

STEM (Science, Technology, engineering and Mathematics) now includes Krannert's MS Economics program.  This will allow graduates the STEM optional practical training (OPT) extension (extends year of residency for an additional year).  . This extension helps ease some of the tension international students face when searching for employment in the US. 

New Courses Offered

ECON 466 will be offered this fall  with Farid Farrokhi. This course will address the many questions surrounding  global economy, international trade, and much more.  ECON 466 is a stand-alone course and prior knowledge of international economics is not a prerequisite.  Taking ECON 466 will deepen your understanding of the major topics in international economics.  

The MS Econ program will be offering a new course with Ben van Kamman this fall - Intro to Statistics.  In the spring Dr. van Kamman will offer another new course intro to Mathematics.  Other new courses in MS econ this spring will include Financial Valuation and Decision Making with Dr. Thompson and Microeconomics with Dr. Klose.