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Economics Seminar Schedule - Fall 2021

Seminars are scheduled from 11:45-1:15 p.m. in RAWLS 2058 unless otherwise indicated. 

September 8 Martha Bailey, UCLA
How the 1963 Equal Pay Act and 1964 Civil Rights Act Shaped the U.S. Gender Gap
September 14 Konstantin Kurcheryavyy, University of Tokyo
A Tractable Model of Trade with Flexible Cost Structure
September 15 George Bulman, UC Santa Cruz
The Effect of Wealth on Household Formation and Structure: Evidence from State Lotteries
September 21 Ben Zou, Michigan State University
Home Location Choices and the Gender Commute Gap
September 23 Rosemarie Nagle, University of Barcelona
September 28 Benjamin Faber, Berkeley
September 29 Billur Aksoy, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute *Virtual*
October 1 Nathanael Vellenkoop, University of Toronto
October 14 Aldo Rustichini, University of Minnesota
October 19 Matthew Rognile, Northwestern University
October 20 Panka Bencsik, University of Chicago
October 21 Matthias Sutter, Max Planck Institute
October 26 Wataru Miyamoto, Hong Kong University
October 27 Michael Makowsky, Clemson University
November 2 Gustavo Ventura, Arizona State
November 9 Kim Ruhl, Wisconsin University
November 16 John Cochrane, Hoover Institution
November 30 Nils Gornemann, Federal Reserve Board
December 1 Anna Azier, Brown University