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Management 590

This course examines the roles of strategic sourcing and purchasing management in managing a company’s value chain. Topics include strategic sourcing, outsourcing/off-shoring, e-procurement, procurement integration, and supplier management (e.g., capability development, cost management, quality management).

This course employs readings, cases, guest speakers (e.g., Motorola, Ariba, Dell Computer), and experiential exercises in its delivery.

Job Titles that Involve Topics Studied:

  • Procurement/Purchasing Manager
  • Supply-Chain Manager
  • Sourcing Manager
  • Supply/Material Manager


Suresh Chand: Scheduling and production planning for multiperiod production inventory problems with varying demand forecasts.

Maqbool Dada: Inventory systems, pricing models, service systems, and international operations management.

Vinayak Deshpande: Supply Chain Coordination, Service Parts Management, and Contingency Logistics Systems.

Joice Hu: Assistant Professor of Management.

Ananth Iyer: Analysis of the impact of promotions on logistics systems in the grocery industry and analysis of the impact of competitors on operational management models.

Shrikant Panwalkar: Visiting Professor

Leroy B. Schwarz: Supply-Chain Management, Manufacturing, E-Enterprise, and Operations Strategy.

James Ward: Inventory-distribution system design, planar location models, and interactive computing.

Svenja Sommer: Assistant Professor of Management.


MGMT 460: Operations Management

MGMT 462: Supply Chain Design, Planning and Control

MGMT 490: Logistics: Concepts and Models

MGMT 560: Manufacturing Planning & Control

MGMT 561: Logistics

MGMT 562: Project Management

MGMT 564: Management of Service Operations

MGMT 590D: Strategic Sourcing and Procurement

MGMT 590Y: E-Commerce & Supply Chain

MGMT 661: Management of Operations Systems

MGMT 663: Analysis and Improvement of Processes in Service
and Manufacturing Operations

MGMT 667: International Operations Management

MGMT 669: Operations: Practice & Models

MGMT 690A: Doctoral Topics in OM I

MGMT 690B: Workshop in OM

MGMT 690C: Doctoral Topics in OM II