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Undergraduate Programs


Marissa Lyles

Marissa Lyles (BOP '11, BS Accounting 2015),
Current Employer: Deloitte

For over 45 years, BOP has continued to produce CEO's, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, and highly successful alumni around the world.  Our mission is to launch the next wave of business and community leaders through the 3 R's: Recruiting leaders, competitors, and the best students motivated to succeed in business; Re-tooling students with business skills, abilities, and the foundations of business and management; and Releasing students into community and corporate leadership worldwide.

The undergraduate BOP program is for high school graduates who have excelled and want to pursue a business degree from Krannert as Freshmen in the fall. The program begins with an eight-week summer session which coincides with summer school. Beginning in June, students take introductory Management courses which all count towards graduation and prepares them for courses during the Freshman year. The relaxed summer atmosphere gives students the chance to acclimate to campus and college life early, thus, assisting the transition from high school to college. Students live in the residence halls, get acquainted with campus culture, and learn about the available resources on campus that can help them succeed in the School of Management.

James Moody
James Moody
(BOP '10, BS Ind. MGMT 2014),
Current Employer: Boeing

Upon the completion of the summer session, BOP offers the following services to all student participants throughout the duration of their college careers, including: academic tutoring and social mentoring provided by upperclassmen; professional development presentations and workshops provided by BOP alumni and corporate representatives, as well as internship and full-time employment search support; a family environment and support system amongst current students and alumni; networking opportunities with an alumni base of over 1,400; an opportunity to attend a top 25 business school; and scholarship assistance.

Please view the video below to learn more about the Dr. Cornell A. Bell Business Opportunity Program: