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Case Competition Workshops
Tim Koegel workshop

2019-20 Cases and Experiences

Virtual Pitch for Impact: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Case Competition

Congratulations to all of our Purdue students who participated in the Virtual Pitch for Impact: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Case Competition. Seventeen teams submitted presentations, eight of which moved to the final round of judging from which the top teams were selected.

Results of the competition are as follows:

First Place

Boilermaker Specialists

Grace Bosma, Matthew Harstine, Anar Munkhbat, Elizabeth Stallman and Daniel Tillinghast.

Second Place

Team 2N

Logan Bedford, Gavin Burn, Cooper Fetters, Jason Marron and Calvin Robinson

Third Place (tie)

Quarantine’s Critical Thinkers

Carter McGill and Samara Norris


Joey Chica and Connor Sigmond


Big Four Consulting

Mofiyin Adegbite, Coleen Gabhart, Aaryan Jain and Deep Mehta


NSC Global

Jose Miguel Arias, Eric Hong, Manav Nahar and Lily Pavicich

Creative Thinking Award

Flying Pudding

Yichen Zheng and Yuyang Zheng

 Special thanks to our judges, Peter and Magda Cline, Bob Lazard and Christine Rasquinha, and to all our student coordinators and participants.

2019-20 Cases and Experiences

Bridging the Gap to Understand Business via Case Competitions

Yash Asher
Major in Finance and Data Analytics | Minor in Economics
Krannert School of Management ‘20

Yes, you read that right, another article on how undergraduate business programs bridge gaps for students for a career in business. However, the Communication Center at the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University has taken six years to build a state-of-the-art program to develop high performing business students into business leaders.

The Basis for an Enhanced Resume

As a sophomore in the Fall of 2017, I participated in the STAMINA4 Case Competition, hoping to knock it out of the park. The team had prepared their parts, built a case and were on the money—at least in their minds. The case ended with a two-minute Q&A and an eight-minute feedback round, rather than a standard five and five. This competition was my first step into the world of business cases, and I realized the need for improvement in critical-thinking, problem-solving and better communication.

After the STAMINA4 Case Competition, I had a chance to take in the judges’ feedback—for cases and my life. Moreover, it piqued my interest in learning more about Management Consulting, Strategy Consulting and various other fields in business. The depth of knowledge, the profundity of feedback and the crème de la crème of networking opportunities had me devoted to participating in cases sponsored by PwC, EY, McKinsey and many others considered best in the business.

The Growth, The Perspective and The Reflection

As a graduating senior three years later in 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, I look back at the 20 case competitions I participated in and believe that it changed my perspective on how case competitions can develop an individual. The Communication Center at the Krannert School of Management has opened the competitions to students from other schools at Purdue as well, realizing the benefit it plays outside of the academic curriculum.

Today, having worked with the Communication Center for eight months building cases, hosting competitions and understanding the inner workings within organizations, I tell high school seniors about the massive opportunities Krannert provides, while placing a bias on Case Competitions and how it can change their views about a career in business.

cc1.png                                                                                cc2.png



Purdue Team Participates at the National Deloitte Case Competition

Krannert sophomore Kristen Scully formed a diverse team to participate in the spring Purdue Deloitte case competition. This team consisted of Purdue sophomores from both the Krannert School and the College of Engineering. These motivated students advanced to the Deloitte National Case Competition and traveled on an all-expenses paid trip to Texas in March.
While at Krannert, Scully has participated in numerous case competitions and was on the winning 2019 Kelley-Krannert case team. Scully a management major has demonstrated strong abilities to collaborate and problem solve  with STEM students.  
The Director of the Communication Center, Melissa Evens shares, "This team has strong energy and focuses on maximizing the strength of each team member to create a unified and strong case  presentation."
We celebrate these students and applaud their efforts.


From left to right: Mikhail Vlasov: Industrial Engineering, Alisher Sultansikhov: Computer Engineering, Kristen Scully: General Management, Benjamin Loshe: Computer Engineering

2020 Zimmer Biomet Annual Case Competition

Congratulations to Purdue students who participated in the Zimmer Biomet STAMINA4 Case Competition.


The first-place team won $2800, and team members are Christopher Koehne, Carter McGill, Samara Norris, and Wyatt Simkins. The second-place team won $1200, and team members include Valerie Cornelio, Kailey Kerkman, Manav Nahar, and Yana Petrova. Zimmer Biomet sponsored the competition in partnership with the Communication Center.

img_2562.jpg                                                                                img_2569.jpg

Special thanks to the Zimmer Biomet, the judges, the student coordinators, and the participants. A special shout out to the Zimmer Biomet team: Samantha Bartholome, Meggen Davis, Colton Geiger, and Derek Thwaits. Krannert Senior Yash Asher directed the competition.

Inaugural Consulting Skills Consortium

The Communication Center at Krannert hosted the inaugural Consulting Skills Consortium at Purdue.
Special thanks to the judges, firms, participants, clubs, volunteers and student leaders who made this program a huge success.
The Communication Center at Krannert looks forward to next year’s collaboration to execute the 2nd Consortium!


Our Esteemed Judges and Panel Members:

Andrew Larsen, Management Consultant
Christine Rasquinha, Associate Partner
Mike Courtney, Operations Enterprise Architect
Bain & Company
Nicholas Burakoff, Senior Associate Consultant
McKinsey & Company
James McLetchie, Partner
Marcus Lockard, Associate Partner

Congratulations to the Consulting Skills Consortium Winning Teams.

These students excelled in Teamwork, Communication, Problem-Solving, and Professionalism.


 First Place Team

  • Mateo Morales Jaramillo  
  • Christopher Jing
  • Shane Steinl
  • Khushi Suri

Second Place

  • Aaryan Jain
  • Mofiyinfoluwa Adegbite
  • Connor Sigmond
  • Joseph Chica

Communication Team Award

  • William Brown
  • Eric Hong
  • Hyeong Park
  • Sebastian Reimer

Problem Solving Team Award

  • Karol Blasinski 
  • Khushboo Jain
  • Takayuki Miyauchi
  • Nanditha Srinivasan


The Consortium Engaged Students from Colleges Across the Purdue Campus:

Thursday Panel
170 Students
Friday Workshops
 275 Students

 Friday Live Case Competitions
40 Students
10 Teams of 4
1 Hour to perform the analysis
1 Poster (no electronic files)
 1 Preliminary Round: 10 minutes of face time with the judges
1 Final Round: Open to all students
1 Case written by:
MBA Student, Joshua Groh
 MS Marketing Student,  Aishwarya Poojar


Our Club and Center Partners:

Purdue Solutions
Larsen Leaders Academy
Brock-Wilson Center for Women in Management
Delta Sigma Pi
Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers



2019 UConn International Business Case Challenge

Congratulations to Santiago Altamirano and his team for placing first at the 2019 UConn International Case Challenge!

The 2019 UConn International Business Case Challenge took place between November 13th and November 17th on the Storrs campus. The case was related to sustainable global business and had university students participating from all over the world. The competition was an excellent opportunity to gain exposure to global business issues as well as meet people with varied perspectives from all around the world.

Santiago is a supply chain, information and analytics student who will be graduating in December.

Case competitions have taught me to listen. No matter how confident I’ve been in my approach, I’ve been continually humbled by others’ opinions. It’s clear to me now that the strongest solutions come from the most diverse teams. I think this realization will be crucial to my professional success.” 


Pictured with: Renée Ramirez (Belmont University), Santiago Altamirano (Purdue University) and Kristen Connors (University of Vermont).

Other students representing Purdue at high level include:

Carlos Sanabria Lovera, Second Place Team and Best Presenter    

Diego Hilsaca Canahuati, Third Place Team and Best Responder to Q&A

Lucas Fuchtner, Best Presenter         

Congratulations to all students who participated and continue to make us proud.

2019 IU Purdue Case Competition


The Purdue University v/s Indiana University Information Systems Case Competition was hosted in Indiana University on 14th and 15th November 2019. Purdue graduate and undergraduate teams competed with Indiana’s graduate and undergraduate teams respectively. The top 4 teams of the STAMINA4 IT/Analytics case competition had qualified for this competition.

The competition was sponsored by enVista, who also provided the case. The case required teams to present a solution to a vaccine supply chain company experiencing operating losses in order to cope with growing demand. Congratulations to the Krannert School Management at Purdue University for taking second and third place in the competition. Kelley School of Business at Indiana University placed first and fourth respectively. With strategic thinking required at the heart of the case, competition judge, Ryan Kauzlick wrote in his LinkedIn post, “Had a great time working with Broc Pittsford to come up with a case that would challenge the teams in the annual Indiana University vs Purdue University case competition.

Dhruvi Patwa from team The Four Marketers that was placed second, wrote in her LinkedIn post, “This experience taught us that not only Quantitative factors but also Qualitative factors are fundamental in driving key business decisions.” The team has expressed its gratefulness to the Krannert Communication Center for holding workshops to hone their storytelling and presentation skills.

The members of the team The Four Marketers include:

Aishwarya Poojary, MS Marketing
Cheitali Thakkar, MS Marketing
Dhruvi Patwa, MS Marketing
Sara Hernandez, MS Marketing

Judges at the 2019 IU v/s Purdue Case Competition:

Broc Pittsford, Senior Director, enVista
Brent Coppess, Project Manager, enVista
Ryan Kauzlick, Senior Director - Strategic Offerings, enVista
Bob Draper, Senior Director - Forecasting, Eli Lilly and Company
Todd Sanger, Senior Research Fellow - Advanced Analytics, Eli Lilly and Company
Clayton Nunes, Global IT Director, Cook Medical

2019 Kelly-Krannert Case Competition


This competition began in 1999 and this year 32 students from Purdue, IU-Bloomington, and IUPUI-Indianapolis competed at the 2019 program.  The Communication Center at Krannert hosted the competition at Purdue. Student participants were introduced to the ethics case on Friday, November 8, and presented to a panel of judges on Saturday, November 9. 

Congratulations to the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University for taking first and second place in the competition.  IU-Bloomington placed third and fourth respectively. We are proud of the competing teams for their hard work and professionalism.  

Competition judge, Tony Denhart of GE celebrates students in his Linkedin 2019 Kelley-Krannert Case Competition article, Denhart shares:

 “I continue to be amazed, not surprised, at the capability, poise, knowledge and professionalism of the students. Every year the bar continues to be raised. These students continue to restore my faith in the future of our country.

 Competition judge, Molly McDonough of McDonough Media shares insights she learned from being a coach in her LinkedIn article, Key to the Perfect Pitch (Spoiler Alert: Know Your Audience)

McDonough shares a statement about lessons learned:
One is that passion and a good, reasoned approach can carry a presentation, even when you slip. Another is that no matter how clever the presentation, substance matters. If your solution doesn’t solve the underlying problem, no matter how glitzy and persuasive the presentation, no one wins.”

Case competition participant, Mikaela Bretz, a Krannert sophomore shares on LinkedIn:
“I am so grateful to have opportunities like these to work on my communication and presentation skills.”
Bretz will be traveling to Bloomington to participate in an IT/Analytics case competition with another team next week.

Josh Groh, MBA students and graduate student who was the project lead of the Kelley-Krannert Case Competition, Groh shares, “We congratulate the students for their abilities to integrate data into humanistic decision making.”

The Communication Center team thanks the judges for their contributions and congratulations the students.

Students on the first and second place teams include:

Daniel Tillinghast, Sophomore, Industrial Management
Mikaela Bretz, Sophomore, Industrial Management
Caleb Whitehead, Sophomore, Industrial Management
Grace Bosma, Sophomore, Marketing and Management
Kristen Scully, Sophomore, Management
Coleen Gabhart, Junior, Finance
Manav Nahar, Junior, Industrial Management  
Zoe Jordan, Senior, Management

Judges at the 2019 Kelley-Krannert Case Competition:

Kendell Abrams, ServiceNow Business Process Consultant, Acorio
Spencer Abrams, Customer Success Manager, Aha!
Tony Denhart, University Relations Manager, GE
Bob Lazard, Retired Partner and University Partner, Crowe  
Molly McDonough, Owner, McDonough Media
Susan Rowe, Head of Media, Eden Collection

A huge shout-out to the Krannert community for the teamwork to host, support, and execute this competition.  


2019 STAMINA4 IT/Analytics Case Competition

The Communication Center hosted the competition in partnership with the Krenicki Center for Business Intelligence and Machine Learning

2019 STAMINA4 IT/Analytics STATS

  • 1 Case, Renewable Energy: Placing Windmills in Indiana
  • 47 Teams participated
  • 42 Teams completed their analysis
  • 22 Teams participated in presentation practice
  • 24 Teams presented professional presentations to judges
  • 6 Teams presented at The Purdue 2050: Conference of the Future

Special thanks to our Judges/Coaches

  • Betsy Wiersma, Author and Creator of CampExperience Network
  • Hossein Amir-Aslani, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
  • Joe Moeller, Finance and Pricing, Retired US Post Office
  • Kelly Hernandez, Senior Vice President of Investor Relations, Leidos
  • Magda Clyne, Retired Senior Executive, Lockheed Martin
  • Peter Clyne, Retired Senior Executive, Leidos
  • Tatiana Holifield-Arthur, VP of Digital Strategy, Pacers Sports and Entertainment
  • Tim Clyne, Customer Business Manager, Unilever
  • Todd Brown, Managing Director, The Yard, Private Equity Advisory Board
  • Tom Barber, Cloud and Mobile Solutions, HP

Winning Teams

First Place Team

Graduate Program, Krannert
Aishwarya Ravindra Poojary
Cheitali Thakkar
Dhruvi Patwa    
Sara Hernandez

Second Place Team

Graduate Program, Krannert
Business Information and Analytics Management
Karthik Ravindran
Pranay Khandelwal
Robin Jindal
Sachin Arakeri

Fourth Place Team

Undergraduate Program, Krannert
Daniel Tillinghast
Hannah Cohen
Matthew Harstine
Mikaela Bretz

Fourth Place Team

Undergraduate Program, Engineering
Abhishek Vyas
Fagun Patel
Shubham Bhokare
Sneha Basu


Conexus Indiana Case Competition

Congratulations to Krannert Junior Manav Nahar on achieving second place at the 2019 Conexus Case Competition. Manav worked on a supply chain case with students from Earlham College, and the University of Indianapolis. Special thanks to Conexus Indiana for providing this opportunity.

Team 22: Matthew Truex, Earlham; Manav Nahar, Purdue; Brandon Turcios, University of Indianapolis


The Exceptional Presenter Workshop

Tim Koegel is the author of The Exceptional Presenter and he engages with audiences a very high level.

On October 28, Koegel delivered a keynote message and engaged a packed auditorium with his powerful message. He also engaged with students in the Contemporary Thought for Minorities Class and an M&A Finance Course. Tim shared how to maximize the use of gestures to deliver a powerful message.   Special thanks to Dr. Sergey Chernenko and Mr. Darren Henry for allowing our center to visit their classes and help students prepare for upcoming class presentations. We execute our programs through student leadership, a big shout out to Joshua Groh, Meagan Cooper, Yash Asher, Sally Wei, the Ascend Student Chapter, the entire Communication Center team, and all of the student participants.


A Creative Recruitment Event to Engage High School Students

"A Day of Firsts"

Author and Inventor: Meagan Cooper, Krannert School 


On Thursday, September 19th a bus full of high school students from the Polytechnic High School in Indianapolis was welcomed to Purdue University by faculty and Purdue students. The Krannert Communication Center was able to interact with the high school students for an hour, so we knew we had to make our hour count. Months beforehand, we had numerous meetings on how we could show these students the rigorous but fulfilling curriculum and that Krannert has to offer as well as the hard-working and inspiring Purdue students that bring it to life. Ultimately, we decided to use the hour by introducing the high school students to a feature of Krannert that is well known inside and outside of class - the case competition.

The high school students were split into five different groups, each with a Purdue student mentor who first shared their favorite Purdue experiences and some of the opportunities Krannert had provided them with. Then, the cases began. Each group had a different, hypothetical fellow Polytechnic high school student who was interested in Krannert, but unsure of what academic path was best for them. Based on the hypothetical student's interests, past experiences and academic interests the students had to recommend a major, minor/concentration and Purdue experience that would best be suited for the hypothetical individual. An example of this is a student who wanted a mix of engineering and business classes, took computer sciences classes in high school and wanted to learn about different cultures. This would, potentially lead the Polytechnic students to make the recommendation of an Industrial Management major with a required Computer Science concentration and potentially study abroad at some point during their time at Purdue.

With the help of their Purdue student mentor, each group was able to brainstorm their ideas and then present their findings to our faculty as well as their fellow students. This led them to not only be able to learn about the resources and academic options Krannert provides but also hear from our own students about what those majors or experiences mean to them.

This was definitely an event full of firsts, for everyone involved. For some of the Polytechnic students, it was their first-time visiting Purdue and first time working on a case competition. On our end, this was our first time hosting a high-school recruitment event and writing a case geared towards a younger audience. The experience did not come without its own set of hiccups, but hopefully this will pave the way for much more communication between prospective high school students and the Krannert Communication Center. We can't wait to see what the future holds!

Thank you! Finally, this story would be incomplete without thanking all of the students who made this event possible: Yash Asher, Matt Thomas, Bernardo Perez, Alekhya Sureppedi, Jordan Lott, Ben Wagrez and Manav Nahar.

Case Competition Skills Workshop

Marc Cosentino, author of case interview preparation book Case in Point, will be facilitated a workshop to help students sharpen case competition skills. The August 28 workshop engaged 147 students from across the Purdue campus.

A student's perspective

"Marc's workshop was a comprehensive and structured overview of the case competition process that was helpful to both first-timers and case comp pros alike. It was great to see all the little parts we've heard in the past come together and play into a bigger picture of the process. His examples were clear, straightforward, and concise. Super helpful!"

"I've used Marc's Case In Point book to prepare for case interviews in the past and it was awesome to meet him in person and experience him delivering the same level of wisdom in his workshop!"

Christopher Jing
Economics and Finance, Minor in Statistics - Purdue University
Central Committee - Purdue Old Masters
Treasurer - School of Management Employers Forum (SMEF)
Community Service Chair - Purdue Badminton