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2014 DCMME Projects

Faculty Directed Student Projects: Every firm has that “job jar” of important projects that just never seem to reach peak priority for the limited resources available. These are exactly the projects that the DCMME Center is interested in assisting you with.

If interested in partnering with the Center to complete a project with your company or to learn more, contact us at

Spare Parts Inventory Management, Evonik

Student team: Ana Romero, Joshua Kwak(MBA 2013), Sutapa Paul(MBA 2013), Roshan Picardo(MBA 2013), Susana Restrepo (MBA 2013)

Faculty Advisor: Qi Annabelle Feng

Project Description: Evonik is one of the largest specialty chemical companies. It is headquartered in Germany and does business globally. It has its presence in more than 100 countries and operates production plants in 24 countries. The employee strength is approximately 33,000. The core business is focused on high-growth megatrends such as health, nutrition, efficiency and globalization. In regards to performance (2011), Evonik generated sales of €14.5 billion and operating result of €2.8 billion.

Evonik acquired the Tippecanoe Laboratory from the previous owner Eli Lilly, as a strategic investment to enlarge their presence in the pharmaceutical industry. This purchase augments Evonik’s exclusive business of synthetics in America and adds capacity for additional market growth. Evonik’s exclusive Synthesis & Amino Acids Business Line - part of the company’s Health & Nutrition Business Unit - focuses on the customized production of pharmaceutical intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients, amino acids, and high-quality derivatives. The data analysis part of this experiential learning process entails understanding of diverse machinery and their spare parts in the T2C fermentation unit of the Tippecanoe labs.

Production Planning at Verallia (Phase I)

Student team: Aniesh Aravin (MBA 2013), Ivan Banchs (MBA 2014), , Pedro Gerum (IE Undergraduate 2013) , Stephen Masters(MBA 2013), Vijay Sachdeva(MBA 2013)

Faculty Advisor: J. George Shanthikumar

Project Description: Verallia, a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain Company is number three glass packaging manufacturing company in the world contributing to 9% of Saint-Gobain’s FY 2011 sales. Given that packaging is a very challenging business where growth is qualified by the substitute products; as a result – Verallia is looking to gain competitive advantage by measures such as cost-savings so as to bring more efficiencies at the table.

Demand uncertainty is one of the major operational challenges at Verallia. The focus of this project was to help identify some of the areas which could be improved in such a situation which could better the demand prediction and planning thereby improving the production output rates, cost of production and reduce manual intervention.