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Summer Internship Poster Competition

Looking for an opportunity to share with professionals what you accomplished during your summer internship? The Poster Competition organized by GSCMI/DCMME Centers at Krannert is a wonderful opportunity to promote your talents and refine your presentation skills. You’ll have the chance to market yourself to industry visitors and potential employers who will be judges at the event, awarding the top three posters with cash prizes!

The student summer internship poster competition is a key function held within the annual fall operations conference. The competition was created to benefit both industry visitors as well as students by accomplishing three primary objectives:

  1. To demonstrate to industry visitors the caliber of summer projects that Krannert students can complete during an internship within a firm, and to provide an alternative resource for locating student candidates interested in operations and supply chain careers.

  2. Provide an opportunity for graduate students to promote their talents and market themselves by visiting with industry and explaining their work experience.

  3. Expose undergraduate and 1st-year MBA students to the variety of companies and employment opportunities they might encounter when searching for internship employment themselves.

How does it work?

Prepare a 22” x 27” poster-board containing pictures, graphs, PowerPoint slides, text or examples that describe your 2015 summer internship experience. Multiple one-on-one “2-3 minute elevator pitch” with groups of conference industry judges to share your internship work, methods and conclusions, and value to you & the company.

Who can participate?

Separate Undergraduate & Graduate Competitions. We welcome entries describing all summer internship experiences in manufacturing or service firms, or where the work can be tied back to your education in management, operations management, or supply chain management.

How to register?

To Register: Email the following to -Resume, Professional Bio, 1/2 page Executive Summary of your summer internship experience including project title and company, background, objective, results (Please note that your summary and resume will be provided to all executives attending the meeting, so put your best foot forward)

Registration Deadline: two weeks prior to event date.