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DCMME & GSCMI strive to bring you the best to support your academic endeavors through a wide range of engagement opportunities with industry leaders, international internships, academic programs, competitions and a variety of other marvelous events. Our events are academically enhancing and provide excellent venues for networking with faculty and industry executives.

We highly encourage you to

  • Join us at DCMME & GSCMI Conferences
  • Participate in DCMME & GSCMI Student Competitions
  • Become a volunteer for DCMME & GSCMI events
  • Become a GSCMI Undergraduate Student Member
  • Participate in company sponsored projects under the supervision of DCMME & GSCMI faculty
  • Do research in Supply Chain and Operations under the guidance of DCMME & GSCMI faculty
  • Become a graduate assistant for DCMME & GSCMI

My Story with DCMME & GSCMI

Vijay Sachdeva (MBA Class 2013): I have been offered a role as a consultant with Ericsson, which was my dream company. And, I would like to share the story of how GSCMI played the role in helping me realize my dream. Read more

Yipin Lu (MBA Class 2013): During the summer of 2012, in order to gain more international working experiences, I applied for the India Internship Program offered by DCMME & GSCMI and luckily got selected as one of the 14 students to work for TVS Motor Company. Read more

Srikanth Radhakrishna (MBA Class 2013): Over the two years that I have been here at Krannert, I have seen a lot of positive changes in DCMME & GSCMI in projecting the students of the Krannert to the outside world. I like the fact that the Center is now truly “student focused”. Read more

Tochukwu Chimezie (MBA Class 2013): I won the Summer Internship Poster Competition and the Fall Operations conference, entitled “Sustainability” was easily a great success. It proved to be an excellent opportunity to learn about sustainable operations in Indiana. Read more

Ravindran Damodaran (MSGCM Class 2013): As we flew into the O’Hare Airport on 13 August 2013 my friend exclaimed, “Welcome to the Land of Opportunities!”…… and he was right. Right from day one of my stay at Purdue, I could smell the aroma of opportunities surrounding me. Be it classroom engagement or career fair or conferences, at Purdue, ‘Sky is the limit’.
Read more

Xiaoyang Chen (BSIM Class 2014): It was a surprise for me to get the rewards of winning team and best presenter in the GSCMI 2013 case competition. I never thought that we could beat other brilliant undergraduate teams. Read more

Luis Carnero (MSIA Class 2013): The most rewarding experience I had during the year was to participate in the 2013 GSCMI case competition. Not only because my team ended up in the third place or I won the Runner-up award but also because of the experience I earned during the process. Read more

Kashif Khan (MBA Class 2014): Life is full of experiences, good and bad, big and small. Some we forget, some we remember only vaguely while others leave a lasting mark on us, and we almost always learn something from these experiences, even though everyone may have a different takeaway from the exact same experience. The following is the story of one such experience for me; it is not a rock star experience, but an experience from which I learnt a lot nonetheless. Read more

Chase Hughes (MBA Class 2016): Today's business environment is increasingly demanding and competitive as more students pursue degrees is business related fields, firms strive to become more efficient and resources increase in scarcity. For this reason, students must demand more of themselves and brace the challenges that we will inevitably face in the environment before they are actually reached. Read more

PanPan (MBA Class 2014): I worked for American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) in the Shanghai Asian Headquarter as a supply chain management intern this summer. This internship opportunity comes to Krannert through DCMME Center. Read more

Andrejs Strateicuks (MBA Class 2014): As a newly elected Vice President of the Operations Club I was very excited to know that GSCMI is planning to organize Supply chain related conference and case competition. I saw this as an opportunity to re-establish Operations – Supply chain case competition at Krannert School of Management. We used to have globally known Operations – Supply chain case competition; however the tradition was stopped few years back. I was very eager to join the organizing team and I am thankful to GSCMI for giving me this great chance. Read more

Tarun Sharma (MBA Class 2014): I would first like to take this opportunity to congratulate the GSCMI team for hosting a very memorable conference. I would like to especially thank Dr. George Shanthikumar, Dr. Annabelle Feng, and the other faculty members for providing the students with an excellent platform to learn, develop, and showcase their talent and knowledge in the presence of leading practitioners from the industry. Read more

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