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2016 Projects

Faculty Directed Student Projects: Every firm has that “job jar” of important projects that just never seem to reach peak priority for the limited resources available. These are exactly the projects that the GSCMI Center is interested in assisting you with.

If interested in partnering with the Center to complete a project with your company or to learn more, contact us at

Inventory Planning System Development

Background information: Zojila is a company that focuses on home products – it designs, outsources manufacturing, holds inventory and uses a combination of direct shipment and ecommerce vendors to satisfy demand. It is a small business located in Lafayette Indiana. Based on discussions with the CEO, various specific questions have been identified that will be addressed by the proposed inventory planning system.

Goal: Develop an inventory planning system for Zojila to enable inventory planning i.e., triggering orders, revising to forecasts, adjusting to supplier changes, kitting etc. Such an inventory planning system will enable proactive inventory management that can enable growth for Zojila. All solutions developed will be implemented and used by Zojila and be driven by the specific products and supply chains used by Zojila.

Market Research for Business Development

Description of services, deliverables, and estimated completion date:

Client is looking to expand their industrial services and are working to align themselves with the Employment First initiatives that are being implemented across the U.S. The client is also seeking to increase and diversify their revenues to become less dependent on state and federal funding. JRDS would like to expand their contract packaging activities and develop advanced capabilities to do more than just manual hand-packaging work, mainly to improve the marketability of their services and to provide a higher level of technical training to their employees. JDRS is specifically looking for assistance with market research and business/marketing planning.

Financial Analysis and Process Improvement, Premier Auto Detailing

Student Team: Joey Meisberger, Taylor Haws, Matt Jung, Gisela Condado, Pablo Martinez, Akshit Bajpai

Advisor: Steven Dunlop

Project Description: Premier Auto Detailing was established in 2003, and is a local car wash and detailing facility located in Lafayette, Indiana. Premier Auto Detailing services both local businesses and the greater Lafayette community. Premier Auto Detailing partnered with the Dauch Center to obtain an improved understanding of their current financial situation and to obtain innovative ways to improve their current operational processes. The financial analysis intended to guide management from Premier Auto Detailing to identify potential problems in their accounting and managerial systems, and the process improvement analysis was intended to find areas of improvement within their operational processes as well as to address any issues that their management team brought up. Multiple cost saving and process improvements were recommended to Premier Auto Detailing, including reducing their number of magazine subscriptions, imposing caps on some of their monthly expenses, implementing a vehicle classification system, and including a web based self-check in on their website. If Premier Auto Detailing implements some of these recommendations, we believe that they will see direct benefits from these cost saving and process improvement measures. This will be an ongoing collaboration between Premier Auto Detailing and the Dauch Center.