Our Pillars

ISEEK takes education to people with the help of the mentor network and the use of mobile games. Through an increased understanding of vocational skills, entrepreneurship and personal health knowledge, ISEEK participants have the confidence, self-efficacy, and trust to start and sustain a business with a sense of empowerment rather than dependency.

ISEEK facilitates the flow of capital from various stakeholders (government, banks, investors, and philanthropists), thereby allowing investments for the small business to launch and grow. Further, Saksham growth fund is setup to help successful businesses to become formal enterprises, grow and compete in the global markets.

ISEEK is a market facilitator that provides a means for businesses to have a fair chance to succeed in the local and global markets. By linking the businesses to markets through ISEEK partners, these businesses can generate sustained revenues and thus lead better, more prosperous lives.

An enabling ecosystem of talented and dedicated individuals, groups, and organizations work with the target groups until they become self-reliant. ISEEK partners with individuals, NGOs and universities to help create the critical linkages that connect entities in the ecosystem.

DAKSH is a cloud-based integrated knowledge, business management, and e-marketplace platform with easy-to-use access through smartphone apps. DAKSH has three components:

(1) DAKSH Learning Environment delivers business, health, and other related education contents as mobile games.
(2) DAKSH Business Environment is an industrial strength Enterprise Resource Planning System and a Personal Health Record system with gamified user interfaces, which the entrepreneurs use to manage their businesses and health.
(3) DAKSH e-marketplace links entrepreneurs to goods, services, capital, and knowledge markets.

By linking the e-market to Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Skype, and Twitter, DAKSH enables global crowd sourcing to game components, course elements, product design, business development, and funding. As a result, we can reach the scale that we need, where thousands of mentors can reach millions of entrepreneurs in a short duration.

Disruptive Innovations

Small-group collective entrepreneurship is another concept to ensure Saksham’s scalability. More individuals are reached with knowledge and empowerment, thereby allowing for self-policing, a division of labor, and role definition within the group. Entrepreneurial groups begin as savings and loan communities of 10 to 15 people and learn about technology, organizational and vocational skills, and physical, mental and relationship health skills.

Mentor Investing is the mechanism by which Saksham entrepreneurs obtain start-up capital to launch their businesses. Mentor Investing disrupts the status quo in two ways: 1) The investor is also an active stakeholder with a real ROI in the burgeoning enterprise, rather than a passive donor, creating more of an incentive for a strong, sustainable business model; 2) DAKSH collaboration platform allows for full transparency between SHGs and their shareholders.