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Creating a Culture of Achievement


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Creating a Culture of Achievement

Creating a Culture of Achievement


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Creating a Culture of Achievement
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Creating a Culture of Achievement
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Creating a Culture of Achievement


Kristen Day

"The transformational experiences and exposure to alumni and corporate leaders during my time in the Larsen Leaders Academy has been life changing!" - Kristen Day

BS Marketing, Class of 2021

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

TJ Ram"The personal attention I’ve received through the Larsen Leaders Academy has developed me into a young professional ready for my career." - TJ Ram

BS Economics, Class of 2021

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

We develop achievers.

With student success at our core, we create the culture of achievement for our students that prepares them for the best internships, jobs with leading organizations and spots in the most prestigious graduate programs.

The Larsen Leaders Academy will attract high performing students who are motivated to have an impact on the world and lead the Krannert School of Management forward through their example of professionalism and accomplishment. Students will acquire a deep understanding of the world we live in and have a curiosity and passion for making it better.

The Larsen Leaders Academy offers high achieving business students a community of like-minded peers and professionals dedicated to fostering their natural aptitudes and encouraging their success. Krannert provides cutting-edge business and economics education. Larsen Leaders Academy students create their personal competitive advantage through scholarly and creative endeavors, life transforming experiences, dedicated and accomplished mentors, and signature leadership-development opportunities. Academy graduates are prepared and motivated to have an immediate impact on our world.