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PowerShift Case Competition

The Jane Brock-Wilson Women in Management Center and Purdue Libraries, in collaboration with Accenture are bringing the PowerShift Case Competition on April 12, 2018 in the Parrish Library. Awards of $3000 and $2000 will be given to first and second place winners, respectively. The goal of the PowerShift Case Competition is to prepare students to lead in a diverse and changing workforce. Graduate students will be confronted with a real-world gender issue and will be challenged to use their skills to generate solutions. This day-long event, is to be held annually in the Krannert School of Management in the Parrish Library.

  • Important Dates

    April 12, 2018: Day of competition

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    PowerShift Case Competition
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    RULES for the PowerShift Case Competition, 2017

    1. Every team shall consist of four to five members, each of whom must be enrolled as a student at Purdue University or at another regionally accredited college or university.

    2. Packets with a copy of the case will be distributed on Tuesday morning, April 11th.

    3. Once the case has been released, the teams may not receive assistance from non-team members. Students may use digital resources such as library data bases and other information available on the Internet.

    4. At or before midnight on April 20th, each team must save and submit its slide deck prepared on Microsoft PowerPoint. Slides are to be submitted via Dropbox. No changes may be made to the slide deck once it has been turned in. During presentations, teams can add new ideas to their presentations, but they are not allowed to change their slides.

    5. Teams are expected to provide 5 copies of their slides for the judges when they arrive to give their presentation on Friday. Team members have the option to provide copies of their resume to judges at the start of their presentation. Teams will NOT be permitted to provide any additional handouts or visual aids other than their prepared presentation slides and resumes.

    6. Each slide deck must contain a title slide including the name, major(s), academic year, and photos of each team member. Slide decks must not exceed 15 slides (excluding the cover slide), and additionally may include an appendix of at most 10 slides. All slides should have page numbers. Teams may consider preparing a slide deck template in advance. Presentation slides may include links to the appendix. If the presentation cites any document other than the case, presentation should include a Works Cited slide, APA formatted.

    7. Each team presentation must be 10 - 12 minutes, with 5 minutes of Q&A following the formal presentation. The judges are free to ask questions at any point during the presentation; however, it is recommended that they wait until after the presentation is completed. Each member of the team must take part in the presentation. Teams will be asked to stop at the 12-minute mark for the judges to start Q&A. Teams will be provided 5 minutes of feedback directly after the Q&A.

    8. The panel of judges will represent Clifford Chance, and the teams will act as outside consultants. The judges are familiar with the case. Therefore, teams need not repeat the case in their presentations. They should define and analyze the problem(s), consider solution alternatives, and possibly recommend a plan of action.

    9. During the first round of presentations, faculty and staff may watch any presentation if they enter prior to the start of that presentation. Other than the judges, faculty, staff, time keeper, and technical expert, no one else is allowed in the room. The second round is open to faculty, staff and students if they enter before the start of the presentations.

    10. Team members are expected to dress in business casual to professional attire for their presentation and should arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled presentation time (which will be determined by availability). In the event a team finishes early the next team may be asked to start their presentation earlier than their scheduled time.

For more information about PowerShift:

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