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Purdue Center for Economic Education


Purdue Center for Economic Education

EconVersations is a series of after-school economic and financial education programs for secondary teachers, grades 7-12.  Programs revolve around a specific topic or content area, with the goal of increasing teacher knowledge and also of providing teachers with cutting edge curriculum ideas for sharing that knowledge with their students. 

The program includes a complimentary meal, providing a stimulating environment for teachers to interact and share curriculum ideas.  Workshop presenters include Center staff, Purdue faculty, and practicing teachers.  Attendees typically receive ready-to-use curriculum materials.

Praise from Teachers for EconVersations

  • "Thank you so much for these programs.  It's so good to get together with colleagues and see what they're doing and to have the university experts share new ideas and lesson plans.  I find these EconVersations to be invaluable!"
  • "EconVersations are always interesting and provide practical new ideas for the classroom.  Thanks so much for these collaborative opportunities!"

    "This workshop exposed me to a multitude of resources that will benefit both me and my students' performance in the classroom."

  • "Knowing I have the resources makes me feel more confident in a content area I am unfamiliar with."

  • "Thank you for providing the opportunity to network and learn about resources and experiences to enhance student engagement."

  • "As a preservice teacher, attending these workshops and speaking with veteran teachers about what resources work and how to implement economic concepts throughout lessons was very beneficial."