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Our Research Focus Areas

Purdue University Research Center in Economics (PURCE) research articles and working papers provide data-driven insights into how laws, regulations, and government programs affect the economy and the well-being of individuals and society.

Beside each research paper you will find the PURCE faculty affiliate or affiliates who authored the research. For the full list of authors, please click the “download” link to view the research paper.

Competition: Research on market regulation and consumer protection policies measures the trade-offs between consumer welfare and firm productivity.

Crime: Our research on the economics of crime and the criminal justice system provides insights on how to improve the system.

Education: At both the K-12 and higher-education levels, our researchers evaluate new approaches with the potential to improve learner outcomes.

Fiscal Policy: Our research estimates how taxes affect households and employers and evaluates the effectiveness of government spending.

Health: Our focus on health policy provides insights on how specific policies influence health outcomes, health spending, and health care providers.

Innovation: Innovation is the primary driver of economic growth; our researchers estimate the causes and consequences of new technologies and innovation policies.

Market Solutions: Our researchers evaluate market-based solutions to some of the country’s most important social problems.

State Policies: Our research provides empirical estimates of the effects of welfare and other government programs that are primarily implemented at the state level.

Trade: International trade policy affects what we buy, how we work, and the growth of the economy; our research identifies optimal policies and welfare losses from trade restrictions.

Work: Our researchers examine the effects of government intervention in the labor market and how new technologies will impact the future of work.