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Continuing Education Webinar Series

Evidence of Krannert's commitment to lifelong learning, our Continuing Education Webinar Series provides biannual free, online classes on a variety of research and management topics.

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Archived Webinars

How to Effectively Hold Others Accountable with Dr. Ben Dunford

Do you sometimes avoid holding others accountable because you are conflict averse, or because you don’t have time? Do you hold others accountable but find that the conversation isn’t as productive as you had hoped? Do you wish you could be a more effective teacher of how to hold others accountable? On June 4, 2020, Dr. Ben Dunford shared practical tools that will improve the long term effectiveness of accountability conversations. The goal is not to get people to do what is right, but rather to help people choose on their own to do what is right.

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Preparing for Performance Reviews with Krannert Professor Ben Dunford

Dread them or love them, performance reviews are a reality. Let Dr. Ben Dunford, Associate Professor of Management at Purdue University, help you best prepare for annual performance reviews.

Purdue University Krannert professor Dr. Ben Dunford

Dr. Dunford presented "Preparing for Performance Reviews" on January 16, 2019.

Professor Dunford is a revered faculty member who teaches in the Purdue Executive MBA program. His research areas include organizational change, leadership, negotiations, employee engagement, compensation, and labor and employee relations.  

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