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Continuing Education Webinar Series

Evidence of Krannert's commitment to lifelong learning, our Continuing Education Webinar Series provides biannual free, online classes on a variety of research and management topics.

Archived Webinars

How to Effectively Hold Others Accountable with Dr. Ben Dunford

Do you sometimes avoid holding others accountable because you are conflict averse, or because you don’t have time? Do you hold others accountable but find that the conversation isn’t as productive as you had hoped? Do you wish you could be a more effective teacher of how to hold others accountable? On June 4, 2020, Dr. Ben Dunford shared practical tools that will improve the long term effectiveness of accountability conversations. The goal is not to get people to do what is right, but rather to help people choose on their own to do what is right.

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Top 5 Things I Worry About with Dr. Thomas Eppel

What keeps you up at night? Dr. Thomas Eppel, Business Analytics professor for Purdue’s Executive MBA programs, worries about what’s going on in our economy, society, and environment, such as the darker sides of technology, the sustainability of uncontrolled “free” markets, income and wealth inequality, and climate change and sustainable development. On February 27, 2020, Professor Eppel lead us through a thought-provoking and action-oriented discussion about the biggest issues we face today. 

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Preparing for Performance Reviews with Krannert Professor Ben Dunford

Dread them or love them, performance reviews are a reality. Let Dr. Ben Dunford, Associate Professor of Management at Purdue University, help you best prepare for annual performance reviews.

Purdue University Krannert professor Dr. Ben Dunford

Dr. Dunford presented "Preparing for Performance Reviews" on January 16, 2019.

Professor Dunford is a revered faculty member who teaches in the Purdue Executive MBA program. His research areas include organizational change, leadership, negotiations, employee engagement, compensation, and labor and employee relations.  

Learn more about Professor Dunford.



Say What? Strategies for Successfully Communicating with Senior Executives with Theresa Carter

Purdue University alumna Theresa Carter is an executive leader with more than 20 years Purdue Alumna Theresa Carter Continuing Education Webinarof diverse experience at senior levels in all aspects of building, leading and transforming complex programs and organizations ranging from 400 to 8,000 people.

On August 9, 2018, Ms. Carter, a retired Air Force Major General and currently CEO of TC3 Solutions, LLC, presented "Say What? Strategies for Successfully Communicating with Senior Executives."

Now more than ever, leaders and managers at all levels of an organization are bombarded by data and information. How do you cut through the noise to succinctly and effectively hold a senior leader’s attention and persuasively communicate your message or present a solution to problems that have been vexing the organization?  

Ms. Carter's webinar provided strategies, tools and techniques to help participants more effectively communicate with senior executives whose time, attention and patience are often in limited supply, making every second count when it’s your turn at the podium.

The Behavioral Economics of Perseverance with Dr. Brian Roberson

BrobersOn February 23, 2018, Professor Brian Roberson presented "The Behavioral Economics of Perseverance." 

Dr. Roberson teaches Game Theory in Purdue's EMBA program and Economics in Purdue's Applied Management Principles certificate program. He is Krannert's Director of Graduate Studies in Economics, and Associate Professor of Economics at Purdue University.

Professor Roberson's webinar addressed some of the key findings from the behavorial economics literature on factors that influence perseverance including risk aversion, ambiguity aversion, biases in intial belief formation, biases in the updating of beliefs after failures, sunk-cost fallacy/escalation of committment issues, and joy-of-winning issues.


5 Digital Marketing Techniques All Businesses Should Adopt…Now! with Bill Schroeder

On August 23, 2017, Bill Schroeder presented “5 Digital Marketing Techniques All Businesses Should Adopt…Now!” 

Purdue Executive MBA Programs Bill Schroeder Continuing Education Webinar Series

Schroeder teaches Mastering Social Media and Digital Marketing in Purdue’s EMBA program. He is VP of InTouch Practice Communications, an Indiana-based firm that specializes in helping veterinary and dental practices communicate with their clients.

A former United States Marine who currently serves as the Commandant of the Calumet Detachment, Marine Corps League, Schroeder is a dynamic speaker and motivator.


Decision making, behavioral economics with Visiting Associate Professor Dr. Thomas Eppel

Purdue EMBA Programs Thomas EppelPurdue EMBA Programs Visiting Associate Professor Dr. Thomas Eppel's free online course on making smart decisions is available to view here. Professor Eppel's webinar gives an overview of decision analysis; explores modeling preferences and decision trees; touches upon risk aversion and the psychology of decision making; and more.

Follow along with the accompanying slide deck.

"Decision Making and Behavioral Economics" was offered live on February 15, 2017.

Prosperity, sustainability with economics professor Dr. Kevin Mumford

Kevin Mumford, Associate Professor of Economics, Purdue University Krannert School of ManagementPurdue EMBA Programs' Continuing Education Webinar Series offers "Prosperity, Sustainability, and the Measurement of Wealth," taught by Krannert Associate Professor of Economics Kevin Mumford. This class provides tools to evaluate the underlying productive base of an economy and gauge the sustainability of economic trends. Learn how to use national wealth accounting to better analyze and forecast in the overall economic environment.

Watch the archived online class to take away tools to evaluate the underlying productive base of an economy, and gauge the sustainability of economic trends and the implications for their business.

Professor Mumford teaches Economics in Purdue's EMBA program.

Digitizing the physical world with Associate Professor of Management Dr. Karthik Kannan

Krannert professor Dr. Karthik KannanThis installment of our Continuing Education Webinar Series features Dr. Karthik Kannan, Associate Professor of Management at Krannert, discussing the digitizing of the physical world.

"The Internet of Things: How Smart Objects will Transform our World," is available for viewing here.

Mapping your career with leadership coach Ginny Clarke

Ginny ClarkeThis installment of our Continuing Education Webinar Series features Ginny Clarke, a published author, leadership coach, and career management expert. She spoke to the EMBA Class of 2016 during a Purdue residency.

View her presentation for excellent advice on mapping your career.

Exploiting temporary advantages with IMM Global EMBA academic director Dr. Filip Caeldries

Filip CaeldriesDr. Filip Caeldries, Global Academic Director for the IMM Global Executive MBA program, discusses the importance of exploiting temporary advantages in building a successful corporate strategy in this installment of the series.

Human Resource Management with Krannert's Dr. Ben Dunford

Dr. Benjamin DunfordOur Continuing Education Webinar Series kicked off in January 2014 with this lecture on human resource management by Krannert Associate Professor of Management Ben Dunford.