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Module 2

Financial Management (3 credits)

Taught by Frans de Roon

Topics studied in this course include the analysis of corporate funds flow patterns, the management of working capital, the process of capital budgeting, the choice of short- and long-term financing arrangements, capital structure design, security valuation, and mergers and acquisitions. The course is presented through the perspective of the senior-level decision-maker who is provided with the tools to measure the profitability of alternative commitments of corporate resources and then tasked with selecting financing vehicles consistent with those commitments. The capital market setting in which the firm operates is analyzed, and the messages from that environment about the development of strategies aimed at the creation of shareholder wealth are examined.

Leadership (2 credits)

Taught by Eric Kearney

Many leadership courses consider leadership to be a monolithic concept or simply a discernment between managers and leaders.  In contrast, this course examines different leadership tracks that reflect the unique needs of functional managers and the executive managers.  For the functional managers, we focus on relationship leadership which reflects their position and time demands in the organization. For executive managers, we also focus on strategic leadership which reflects their more senior position within the decision-making process.

Macroeconomics (2 credits)

Taught by Joe Nellis

The main aim of this course is to increase managers’ awareness and understanding of the wider macroeconomic environment – at the national and international levels – within which business operates. A deep and critical understanding of macroeconomics is essential to the formulation of effective corporate strategies, particularly in the context of a rapidly changing and challenging global economic and business environment. This course will provide an opportunity to discuss the causes and consequences of macroeconomic developments and policies, nationally and internationally, in order to deepen understanding of the consequences for governments, society and the corporate world.

Marketing Management (3 credits)

Taught by Nicolas Kfuri

The aim of this course is to develop skills in formulating and appraising marketing strategies and policies. It seeks to familiarize you with current management practices in service and manufacturing companies. Topics covered include buyer behavior, new product development, advertising and promotion, pricing, and channel management. Cases are used to illustrate the structuring and analysis of marketing problems and to focus the discussion of marketing concepts. Emphasis is also given to developing integrated strategies and implementation programs.

Please note course offerings and faculty are subject to change.