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Faculty and Courses

Technical Management Institute courses are taught by Krannert faculty who have extensive applied experience working with executives in the classroom.

This professional development program will teach you best practices in managing a technical workforce, and give you an understanding of the management of business costs and the dynamics of cross-functional project management. You will leave with the tools to apply concepts across a variety of topics.

Topics include:

Intentional Learning

Taught by Dr. Aldas Kriauciunas

Executive Director, Krannert Executive Education Programs, Purdue University

By taking the time at the beginning of the course to map out your learning plan for the week, you will be more successful in identifying applicable solutions to your unique concerns. You will also benefit from initial collaboration with fellow students at this early stage, and may help each other recall key concepts throughout the course. In the final session, Professor Kriauciunas will help you develop a plan to bring the knowledge you have learned to your workplace.

Data Visualization

Taught by Benjamin Crockett

Lease Portfolio Management, Farmland Reserve

In this short course you will learn the fundamentals of data visualization while utilizing Tableau. The course will touch on the art and skill set needed to build interactive dashboards that mash-up data from multiple sources, create and answer questions, and enable you to effectively communicate a message. The majority of the course will be hands-on active learning, with minimal lecturing time.

As managers, directors, and c-suite leaders you will differentiate yourself and your organization by mastering the ability to make rapid-fire decisions via powerful visuals. This course will give you the foundation to further develop those skills, or to facilitate the development of them in your teams.

Calculating Project Financials

Taught by Dr. Amanda Thompson

Krannert Visiting Professor of Finance and Purdue Foundry Entrepreneur-in-Residence

The finance segment will provide a survey of the concepts and tools required to make value-maximizing decisions. Financial management concerns itself with two fundamental questions that every firm faces: What projects should the firm undertake and how should the firm obtain the funds necessary to undertake them? The finance function with the firm seeks to answer these questions such that the value of the firm is maximized. You will learn about:

  • Key financial metrics for performance management
  • Principals of financial markets and market pricing
  • Capital investment decisions

Managing Technical Teams

Taught by Dr. Benjamin Dunford

Professor of Management, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University

With an explicit focus on leadership of technical employees and the unique factors that help motivate them, this course is taught from a managerial perspective, with an emphasis on what practicing managers need to know to effectively lead and motivate employees, especially technical employees. By the end of this course, you will:

  • Improve your ability to communicate effectively in teams as a leader or team member and influence without authority.
  • Improve your ability to respond effectively to criticism or dysfunctional team dynamics.
  • Learn how to hold others accountable so that they voluntarily decide to change.
  • Improve your ability to foster success in others.
  • Understand how to leverage individual differences to enhance team productivity.

Executive Presence

Taught by Dr. Kasie Roberson

Clinical Assistant Professor, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University

Going deeper than filler words and fidgeting, Dr. Roberson will coach you to hone your presentation skills by learning and practicing foundational communication principles. You will start with a safe space to practice these skills and leave with a renewed sense of confidence in your abilities to lead as effective communicators.

Program and Project Management

Taught by Dr. Amy David

Clinical Assistant Professor of Management, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University

This course is a fast-paced experience that will stimulate you into looking for ways to incorporate project management into organizational processes or enhance those already in place. Dr. David will help you acquire skills that will aid in completing projects on time, staying within budget, maintaining consistently high quality, and gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

You will learn the essentials of defining, scheduling and staffing a program or project, as well as executing a program plan with the teamwork necessary for success. 

Please note course offerings and faculty are subject to change.