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Ph.D.- University of California, Berkeley, 1991
B.A.- Indiana University, Bloomington, 1986


Experimental and Behavioral Economics
Industrial Organization
Environmental Economics
Public Economics


Distinguished Professor and Robert and Susan Gadomski Chair in Economics, Purdue University, 2010-Present
Professor, Purdue University, 2000-2010
Director, Vernon Smith Experimental Economics Laboratory, 2003-Present
Associate Professor, Purdue University, 1998-2000
Associate Professor, University of Southern California, 1997-1998
Assistant Professor, University of Southern California, 1991-1997
Visiting Rasmuson Chair, University of Alaska-Anchorage, 2016
Distinguished Visitor, Monash University, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015
Visiting Erskine Fellow, University of Canterbury, 2011
Visiting Fellow, University of Melbourne, 2007, 2008, 2009
Visiting Scholar, Center for Research in Experimental Economics and Political Decision-MakingUniversity of Amsterdam, 2004
Visiting Associate, California Institute of Technology, 1997
Project Manager, Quantum Consulting Inc., 1987-1991
Research Assistant, University of Arizona, 1989-1989
Teaching Assistant, UC Berkeley and IU Bloomington, 1985-1987


Editor (2004-2010) Editorial Board (1998-2004, 2010 - ), Experimental Economics
Co-Editor, Journal of Public Economics (2012 - 2018)
Advisory Editor, Games and Economic Behavior (2009 - )
Associate Editor, Management Science (2010-2011), special issue on Behavioral Economics and Finance
Associate Editor, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (1998-2009)
Editorial Council, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (1996-2008)
Economics Review Panel, U.S. National Science Foundation (2005, 2009-2011)
Symposium Co-Editor, Economic Theory (2000)

President (2009-2011), Economic Science Association (the international association of experimental economists)
Member, American Economic AssociationEconometric Society.


A. Journals

"An Experimental Investigation of Price Dispersion and Cycles" (with Dan Friedman and Ed Hopkins). Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Inter-Firm Social Dilemmas with Agency Risk" (with Lana Friesen and Lata Gangadharan). European Economic Review, forthcoming. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Correlated Beliefs: Predicting Outcomes in 2x2 Games" (with Tridib Sharma and Radovan Vadovich). Games and Economic Behavior, 122 (2020), pp. 256-276.  Read Abstract or Download Paper or Experiment Instructions

"Winner-Take-All and Proportional-Prize Contests: Theory and Experimental Results" (with Roman Sheremeta and William Masters). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 175 (2020), pp. 314-327. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Behavioral and Game-Theoretic Security Investments in Interdependent Systems Modeled by Attack Graphs" (with M. Abdallah, P. Naghizadeh, A. Hota, S. Bagchi and S. Sundaram).  IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems, forthcoming. Download Paper

"Donation-Based Crowdfunding with Refund Bonuses" (with Robertas Zubrickas). European Economic Review, 119 (2019), pp. 452-471. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Prior Interaction, Identity, and Cooperation in the Inter-Group Prisoner’s Dilemma" (with Paul Lau and Vai-Lam Mui). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 166 (2019), pp. 613-629. Read Abstract or Download Paper or Experiment Instructions

"Subject Pools and Deception in Agricultural and Resource Economics Experiments" (with Steven Wu). Environmental and Resource Economics, 73 (2019), pp. 743-758. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Individual versus Group Choices of Repeated Game Strategies: A Strategy Method Approach" (with Vai-Lam Mui). Games and Economic Behavior, 114 (2019), pp. 128-145. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Dynamic Efficiency in Experimental Emissions Trading Markets with Investment Uncertainty" (with Frans de Vries). Environmental and Resource Economics, 73 (2019), pp. 1-31. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Transaction Costs, Communication and Spatial Coordination in Payment for Ecosystem Services Schemes" (with Simanti Banerjee, Frans de Vries and Nick Hanley). Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 83 (2017), pp. 68-89. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Asymmetric and Endogenous Within-Group Communication in Competition between Groups" (with Roman Sheremeta and Jingjing Zhang). Experimental Economics, 20 (2017), pp. 946-972. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Enhancing Fundraising with Refund Bonuses" (with Robertas Zubrickas), Games and Economic Behavior, 101 (2017), pp. 218-233. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Regulatory Performance of Audit Tournaments and Compliance Observability" (with Lana Friesen and Lata Gangadharan), European Economic Review, 85 (2016), pp. 288-306. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Swords without Covenants Do Not Lead to Self-Governance" (with Lata Gangadharan), Journal of Theoretical Politics, 28 (2016), pp. 44-73. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"An Experimental Investigation of Hard and Soft Price Ceilings in Emissions Permit Markets" (with David Perkis and Wallace Tyner), Environmental and Resource Economics, 63 (2016), pp. 703-718. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Common Value Auctions with Voluntary and Qualified Entry" (with Marco Casari). Revue Economique, 67 (2016), pp. 953-976. Download Paper

"Promoting Cooperation in Nonlinear Social Dilemmas through Peer Punishment" (with Lata Gangadharan), Experimental Economics, 18 (2015), pp. 66-88. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Rich Communication, Social Motivations, and Coordinated Resistance against Divide-and-Conquer: A Laboratory Investigation" (with Vai-Lam Mui), European Journal of Political Economy, 37 (2015), pp. 146-159. Read Abstract or Download Paper or Download Supplementary Appendices

"Learning through Passive Participation in Asset Market Bubbles" (with Anya Savikhin Samek), Journal of the Economic Science Association, 1 (2015), pp. 170-181. Read Abstract or Download Paper or Experiment Instructions

"Individual versus Group Play in the Repeated Coordinated Resistance Game" (with Vai-Lam Mui), Journal of Experimental Political Science, 2 (2015), pp. 94-106. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Misconceptions and Game Form Recognition: Challenges to Theories of Revealed Preference and Framing" (with Charles Plott), Journal of Political Economy, 122 (2014). pp. 1235-1270.Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Cycles and Instability in a Rock-Paper-Scissors Population Game: a Continuous Time Experiment" (with Dan Friedman and Ed Hopkins), Review of Economic Studies, 81 (2014), pp. 112-136.Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Coordinating Collective Resistance through Communication and Repeated Interaction" (with Vai-Lam Mui), The Economic Journal, 124 (2014), pp. F226-256. Read Abstract or Download Paper or Download Supplementary Appendices

"Learning, Teaching, and Turn Taking in the Repeated Assignment Game" (with Sau-Him Paul Lau and Vai-Lam Mui), Economic Theory, 54 (2013), pp. 335-357. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Cooperation Spillovers and Price Competition in Experimental Markets" (with Lata Gangadharan), Economic Inquiry 51 (2013), pp. 1715-1730. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Empowering Neighbors versus Imposing Regulations: An Experimental Analysis of Pollution Reduction Schemes" (with Lata Gangadharan), Journal of Environmental Economics & Management 65 (2013), pp. 469-484. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Explicit versus Implicit Contracts for Dividing the Benefits of Cooperation" (with Marco Casari), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 61 (2013), pp. 20-34. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"A Laboratory Study of Duopoly Price Competition with Patient Buyers" (with Shakun Mago), Economic Inquiry 51 (2013), pp. 1123-1141. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Communication and Efficiency in Competitive Coordination Games" (with Roman Sheremeta and Jingjing Zhang), Games and Economic Behavior, 76 (2012), pp. 26-43. Read Abstract orDownload Paper

"Behavioral Spillovers in Coordination Games" (with Anya Savikhin and Roman Sheremeta), European Economic Review 56 (2012), pp. 233-245. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Moral Hazard and Peer Monitoring in a Laboratory Microfinance Experiment" (with Lata Gangadharan and Pushkar Maitra).Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 82 (2012), pp. 192-209. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Can Affirmative Motivations Improve Compliance in Emissions Trading Programs?" (with Leigh Raymond), Policy Studies Journal39 (2011), pp. 659-678. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Spite and Reciprocity in Auctions" (with Naoko Nishimura, Tatsuyoshi Saijo and Yoshikazu Ikeda), Games 2 (2011), pp. 365-411. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"An Experimental Study of Information Revelation Policies in Sequential Auctions" (with Karthik Kannan and Ralph Siebert),Management Science 57 (2011), pp. 667-688. Read Abstract orDownload Paper

"Price Discovery and Intermediation in Linked Emissions Trading Markets: A Laboratory Study" (with Lata Gangadharan), Ecological Economics 70 (2011), pp. 1424-1433. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Can Real-Effort Investments Inhibit the Convergence of Experimental Markets?" (with Lata Gangadharan and Nikos Nikiforakis), International Journal of Industrial Organization 29 (2011), pp. 97-103. Read Abstract or Download Paper or Experiment Instructions

"Testing the TASP: An Experimental Investigation of Learning in Games with Unstable Equilibria" (with Ed Hopkins and Dan Friedman), Journal of Economic Theory 145 (2010), pp. 2309-2331. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Entry into Winner-Take-All and Proportional-Prize Contests: An Experimental Study" (with Roman Sheremeta and William Masters), Journal of Public Economics 94 (2010), pp. 604-611.Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Costly Buyer Search in Laboratory Markets with Seller Advertising" (with Shakun Mago), Journal of Industrial Economics58 (2010), pp. 424-449. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"What Can Laboratory Experiments Teach Us About Emissions Permit Market Design?" Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 39 (2010), pp. 151-161. Download Paper

"Indirect Punishment and Generosity towards Strangers" (with Aljaž Ule, Arthur Schram, and Arno Riedl), Science 326 (2009), pp. 1701-1704. Read Abstract or Read Full Text

"The Strategy Method Lowers Measured Trustworthy Behavior" (with Marco Casari), Economics Letters 103 (2009), pp. 157-159.Download Paper

"Recommended Play and Correlated Equilibria: An Experimental Study" (with Tridib Sharma), Economic Theory 33 (2007), pp. 11-27. Read Abstract or Download Paper (please click here for the experiment instructions)

"Communication and Coordination in the Collective Resistance Game" (with Vai-Lam Mui), Experimental Economics 10 (special issue edited by J. Kagel and J. van Huyck) (2007), pp. 251-267.Read Abstract or Download Paper

"A Market with Frictions in the Matching Process: An Experimental Study" (with Charles Noussair), International Economic Review48 (2007), pp. 665-691.  Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Secure Implementation Experiments: Do Strategy-proof Mechanisms Really Work?" (with Tatsuyoshi Saijo, Tomas Sjöström and Takehiko Yamato), Games and Economic Behavior57 (2006), pp. 206-235. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"An Experimental Study of Price Dispersion in an Optimal Search Model with Advertising" (with Shakun Datta), International Journal of Industrial Organization 24 (2006), pp. 639-665. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"An Experimental Study of Compliance and Leverage in Auditing and Regulatory Enforcement" (with Lata Gangadharan), Economic Inquiry 44 (2006), pp. 352-366. Read Abstract or Download Paper or Get Data

"Emissions Variability in Tradable Permit Markets with Imperfect Enforcement and Banking" (with Lata Gangadharan), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 61 (2006), pp. 199-216. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Forced Information Disclosure and the Fallacy of Transparency in Markets" (with Charles Plott), Economic Inquiry 43 (2005), pp. 699-714. Read Abstract or Download Paper Click here to download raw data.

"Uncertainty and Resistance to Reform in Laboratory Participation Games" (with Vai-Lam Mui), European Journal of Political Economy 21 (2005), pp. 708-737. Read Abstract or Download Paper or Get Data

"A Laboratory Comparison of Uniform and Discriminative Price Auctions for Reducing Non-Point Source Pollution" (with Lata Gangadharan), Land Economics 81 (2005), pp. 51-70. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"The Dynamics of Price Dispersion, or Edgeworth Variations" (with Dan Friedman and Florian Wagener), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 29 (2005), pp. 801-822. Read Abstract orDownload Paper

"Bounded Rationality in Laboratory Bargaining with Asymmetric Information" (with Stan Reynolds), Economic Theory 25 (2005), pp. 553-574. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Auction Design for Voluntary Conservation Programs" (with Lata Gangadharan), American Journal of Agricultural Economics 86 (2004), pp. 1211-1217. Download Paper

"Non-Excludable Public Good Experiments" (with Tatsuyoshi Saijo, Takehiko Yamato and Konomu Yokotani), Games and Economic Behavior 49 (2004), pp. 81-102. Read Abstract or  Download Paper(or click here for the longer, 2002 version)

"Buyer Search and Price Dispersion: A Laboratory Study" (with Dan Friedman), Journal of Economic Theory 112 (2003), pp. 232-260. Read Abstract or Download Paper (or click here for the longer, July 2000 version)

"A Laboratory Study of Auctions for Reducing Non-Point Source Pollution" (with Lata Gangadharan and Charlotte Duke), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 46 (2003), pp. 446-471. Read Abstract or Download Paper

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"Competitive Equilibrium Convergence in a Posted-Offer Market with Extreme Earnings Inequities" (with Arlington Williams),Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 14 (1990), pp. 331-352. Download Paper

B. Books

Advances in Experimental Markets (2001), edited by Timothy Cason and Charles Noussair (Berlin: Springer-Verlag). Link to Springer for more information (and to purchase).

C. Chapters in Books

"Complying with Environmental Regulations: Experimental Evidence" (with Lana Friesen and Lata Gangadharan), in A. Chaudhuri (ed.), Research Agenda in Experimental Economics (2021), (Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar), forthcoming. Download Paper

"Framing Effects in an Emissions Trading Experiment with Voluntary Compliance" (with Leigh Raymond), in R.M. Isaac and D.A. Norton (eds.), Research in Experimental Economics, vol. 14 (2011), (Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing), pp. 77-114. Download Paper

"Price Signaling and 'Cheap Talk' in Laboratory Markets," in C. Plott and V. Smith (eds.), The Handbook of Experimental Economic Results (2008), (Amsterdam: North-Holland), pp. 164-169. Download Paper

"Trading Institutions and Emission Allowances," in C. Plott and V. Smith (eds.), The Handbook of Experimental Economic Results(2008), (Amsterdam: North-Holland), pp. 661-668. Download Paper

"A Comparison of Market Institutions" (with Dan Friedman), in C. Plott and V. Smith (eds.), The Handbook of Experimental Economic Results (2008), (Amsterdam: North-Holland), pp. 264-272. Download Paper

"A Test Bed Experiment for Water and Salinity Rights Trading in Irrigation Regions of the Murray Darling Basin, Australia" (with Charlotte Duke and Lata Gangadharan), in T. Cherry, S. Kroll and J. Shogren (eds.), Experimental Methods, Environmental Economics (2008), (London: Routlege), pp. 77-99. Read Abstract

"Customer Search and Market Power: Some Laboratory Evidence" (with Dan Friedman), in M. Baye (ed.), Advances in Applied Microeconomics, vol. 8 (1999), (Stamford, CT: JAI Press), pp. 71-99. Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Price Formation and Exchange in Thin Markets: A Laboratory Comparison of Institutions" (with Dan Friedman), in P. Howitt, E. de Antoni and A. Leijonhufvud (eds.), Money, Markets and Method: Essays in Honour of Robert W. Clower (1999), (Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar), pp. 155-179. Read Abstract or Download Paper 

"A Voluntary Approach to Environmental Regulation: The 33/50 Program" (with Seema Arora), in W. Oates (ed.), The RFF Reader in Environmental and Resource Management (1999), (Washington, DC: Resources for the Future), pp. 97-103.

"Speculation in Experimental Markets for Emission Permits" (with Steven Elliott and Mark Van Boening), in C. Holt and R. M. Isaac (eds.), Research in Experimental Economics, vol. 7 (1999), (Stamford, CT: JAI Press), pp. 93-119.

"An Empirical Analysis of Price Formation in Double Auction Markets" (with Dan Friedman), in D. Friedman and J. Rust (eds.),The Double Auction Market: Institutions, Theories and Evidence(1993), (Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley), pp. 253-283.

D. Other Publications

"Experimental Markets: Introduction" (with Charles Noussair),Economic Theory 16 (2000), pp. 503-509.

(Book Review) The Alternating Double Auction Market: A Game Theoretic and Experimental Investigation, by Abdolkarim Sadrieh (Springer-Verlag), in the Journal of Economics 71 (2000), pp. 84-86.


"Bidding in First-Price and Second-Price Interdependent-Values Auctions: A Laboratory Experiment" (with Ted Turocy). Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Gender, Beliefs and Coordination with Externalities" (with Lata Gangadharan and Philip Grossman). Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Early Refund Bonuses Increase Successful Crowdfunding" (with Alex Tabarrok and Robertas Zubrickas). Read Abstract or Download Paper

"Spatial Coordination and Joint Bidding in Conservation Auctions" (with Simanti Banerjee, Frans de Vries and Nick Hanley). Read Abstract or Download Paper or Download Appendices

"The Design, Implementation, Performance, and Tâtonnement Dynamics of a Large, Multi-Market, Policy Constrained Auction" (with Charles Plott, Ben Gillen, Hsing Lee and Travis Maron). Read Abstract or Download Paper and Download Appendix or SSRN Paper

"Network Defense and Behavioral Biases: An Experimental Study" (with Daniel Woods, Mustafa Abdallah, Saurabh Bagchi and Shreyas Sundaram). Read Abstract or Download Paper


2017-2020: National Science Foundation Grant (Purdue University)
2015: Fulbright Commission Senior Scholar Grant (Universidad de San Andrés, Buenos Aires)
2012-2015: Hong Kong Research Grants Council Grant (Purdue, Monash and Hong Kong Universities)
2011: Economic Theory Fellow (Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory)
2009-2013: National Science Foundation Grant (Purdue University)
2008-2011: Environmental Protection Agency Grant--National Center for Environmental Research (Purdue University)
2007-2009: Krannert Faculty Fellow (Purdue University)
2007: Discovery Park Center for the Environment Grant (Purdue University)
2006-2007: Australian Research Council Discovery Grant (Purdue University and Monash University)
2005-2007: National Science Foundation Grant (Purdue University)
2006: Best Article Award, Economic Inquiry
2004: Fulbright Commission Senior Scholar Grant (Charles University CERGE-EI, Prague)

2003-2005: Krannert Faculty Fellow (Purdue University)
2002-2004: Environmental Protection Agency Grant--National Center for Environmental Research (Purdue University)
2001-2005: University Faculty Scholar (Purdue University)
2000: Visiting Research Scholar Grant (University of Melbourne)
1997-2000: National Science Foundation Grant (University of Southern California, Purdue University)
1999: Center for International Business Education and Research Grant (Purdue Univ.)
1998-1999: C.O.N.A.C.y T. (Mexican NSF) Grant (Purdue University)
1996-1997: Haynes Foundation Faculty Fellowship (University of Southern California)
1996: Southern California Studies Center Fellowship (University of Southern California)
1994-1995: U.S. Department of Energy Grant (University of Southern California)
1993-1996: National Science Foundation Grant (University of Southern California)
1992-1993: Zumberge Research Innovation Fund Grant (University of Southern California)
1992-1993: Haynes Foundation Faculty Fellowship (University of Southern California)
1989-1990: Departmental Fellowship (University of California)
1989-1990: Institute for Business and Economic Research Grant (University of California)
1989: Visiting Predoctoral Fellowship ( University of Arizona Economic Science Lab)
1986-1987: University Fellowship (University of California)


University of Amsterdam, University of Alaska-Anchorage, University of Alaska-Fairbanks, University of Arizona, University of Auckland, University of Bath, Baylor University, University of Bologna, University of Bonn, Bowdoin College, Brigham Young University, University of California-Berkeley, University of California-Irvine, UCLA, University of California-San Diego, University of California-Santa Barbara, California Institute of Technology, Cambridge University, University of Canterbury, Carleton University, Charles University (Prague), Chapman University, University of Cincinnati, University of Cologne, University of Copenhagen, University of Delaware, Universidad del CEMA (Buenos Aires), DePaul University, University of Düsseldorf, University of East Anglia, University of Edinburgh, Emory University, Environmental Protection Agency, European University Institute (Florence), University of Exeter, Federal Trade Commission, Florida State University, Fordham University, George Mason University, Georgia State University, Goethe University-Frankfurt, University of Guelph, Harvard University, University of Hawaii, Hebrew University-Jerusalem, University of Heidelberg, University of Houston, Humboldt University (Berlin), Indiana University, University of Innsbruck, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, University of Iowa, IUPUI, Lakehead University, Université Lumiére (Lyon 2), Maastricht University, University of Magdeburg, University of Manchester, University of Mannheim, University of Maryland, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Max Planck Institute (Bonn, Jena), McGill University, McMaster University, University of Melbourne, Michigan State University, University of Michigan, Middlebury College, University of Mississippi, Monash University, Université de Montpellier, University of Munich, Murdoch University, University of New South Wales, New York University, NYU-Abu Dhabi, Newcastle University, Northwestern University, University of Notre Dame, University of Nottingham, Ohio State University, Osaka University, University of Otago, University of Ottawa, University of Paris I, Penn State University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, Purdue University, Queen’s University (Ontario), University of Queensland, Resources for the Future, Rice University, University of Richmond, Royal Holloway- University of London, RWTH Aachen University, Universidad de San Andrés (Buenos Aires), University of South Carolina, University of Southern California, Southern Methodist University, University of Stirling, University of Sydney, Sydney Futures Exchange, University of Tasmania, University of Technology (Sydney), University of Tennessee, Texas A&M University, University of Texas, Tilburg University, Universidad Torcuato di Tella, Tinbergen Institute (Amsterdam), University of Tsukuba, Vanderbilt University, Victoria Dept. of Nat. Resources & Environment, Victoria University (Wellington), University of Vienna, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Tech, University of Waikato, University of Washington, University of Wisconsin, University of Wyoming, Washington University (St. Louis), Western Michigan University, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (WZB), Xiamen University, University of Zurich