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Personal Information

Tim Cason has been married to Renee Cason for over 30 blissful years. Renee and Tim have a daughter Sydney and a son Graham.

Here is a link to the Cason Family Links Page.

No personal web page is complete without links to some favorite sites, which include some Ski Area Trail Maps , as well as a view of current skiing conditions at Utah ski areas.

Here is a video of Tim skiing, on an epic powder day at Snowbird, Utah in February 2013. This is how to ski in powder.

I also like Golf Digest for reviews and comparisons of golf courses, because I like to hack up new courses from time to time. (I ski much better than I certainly won't see a video of my swing at this site!)

And, of course, a link to the official Chicago Cubs home page.

As you can see below, one of the other things I do in my spare time is run. My marathon Personal Record is 3:19:21, set at the Chicago Marathon in October, 2014. That time placed me 2,946 out of 40,596 finishers (134 out of 2,017 in my division). It also qualified me for the Boston Marathon by over 10 minutes, which I then ran in April, 2016.

I much more frequently run half-marathons because that is more sane. I set my Personal Record of 1:34:30 at the Geist half marathon in May, 2014.

Tim at 15 Miles

Here I am feeling good at 15 miles during my first marathon.

Tim in Chicago finish line.

Here I am feeling victorious after beating my goal at the 2014 Chicago Marathon.

One thing about starting running at a relatively advanced age (late 30s for me) is that you can set PRs when you are 50. But that leaves the question: "How fast could I have been if I started running at a younger age?" The Runner's World Age Graded Calculator has the answer to that. It takes your time and age and converts in to the equivalent of an open division (e.g., 25- or 30-year-old man) equivalent. This calculator converts my PR to 2:58:33. So can I claim to have run the "equivalent" of a sub-3:00 marathon?

Paul Ryan aside: I think I will just claim to be as fast as Congressman Paul Ryan lied that he was when he was campaigning for Vice President in 2012. In an interview Rep. Ryan said that his PR was "Under three, high twos. I had a two hour and fifty-something." Since that was a rather remarkable time, Runner's World fact-checked it and discovered (and Ryan later confirmed) that he finished the only marathon he ever ran in 4:01:25 -- at age 20.

Ragnar: How about this for a crazy idea: Team up with 11 friends to run a relay race for 198 miles from Madison to Milwaukee to Chicago. Our 2015 team "Just Purdue It" did that in 25 hours, 34 minutes, 46 seconds to finish 26th out of 533 finishing teams. Not bad for some professors and friends!

Ragnar sunrise
Ragnar 2014 Start
Ragnar 2014 finish
Ragnar 2015 Finish

Here are some before, during, and after pictures at the 2016 Boston Marathon. By the cups scattered around the water station at mile 17, you can correctly infer that I was not leading the race at that point!

finish line day before
Mile 17
with medal and with renee