Welcome to WISE 2012

In today’s economy, information technology (IT) has enabled firms to gather and share extremely detailed information from suppliers, consumers, partners as well as competitors. As a consequence “big data” has emerged as the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity in a wide range of industries. There are numerous aspects of big data such as data driven decision-making, the use of extremely detailed information and IT innovations in business and society that are sufficiently unique to warrant new research that improves our understanding of their economics. Accordingly, the theme for 23rd annual WISE is “Big Data: Information Technology and Economics.”

Specific Areas of Interest

WISE focuses on the economic consequences of IT advances and innovations. We welcome new research on how
information and IT transform business and society that is supported by economic theories and methodologies.
Specific areas of interest include:

• The effects of IT on industrial organization and firm boundaries
• Productivity and performance effects of IT
• The economics of digital products and information goods
• Electronic commerce and electronic markets
• Network effects in products and industries
• The economics of standards, compatibility and interoperability
• Social network analysis and the economics of social media
• The economic consequences of IT-enabled outsourcing and IT services
• Digital piracy and IT-related intellectual property issues
• The economics of software development and related methodology innovations
• Data-based marketing and pricing
• Macroeconomic effects of progress in information technologies
• Implications of IT for differentiation and competitive outcomes
• The unique antitrust and regulatory challenges presented by IT industries
• The social impact of the information systems academic community


Important Dates
Submissions accepted:
Wednesday August 1, 2012
Submission deadline:
Monday September 17, 2012 (11:59 pm)
Notice of acceptance:
Monday October 15, 2012
Drafts due for discussion:
Friday November 23, 2012
Registration dates:
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