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Ralph Siebert

Ralph Siebert

Professor of Economics
Academic Director of Economics Master's

Office: KCTR 233


Ph.D., Economics, Humboldt University (Berlin)
M.A., Economics, Humboldt University (Berlin)
B.A., Business and Economics, Free University, (Berlin)

Professor Siebert joined Purdue University (Economics Department in the Krannert School of Management) in 2004. He serves as the Director of the Online Master's Program in Economics at Krannert School of Management. Professor Siebert is also an Adjunct Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Chicago (Booth School of Business) and serves as a co-editor for a top field journal, the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy.

Professor Siebert received multiple teaching, service, and research awards. As of 2022 he is appointed as a University Faculty Scholar at Purdue University. He won the Best European Young Economist Award in two consecutive years. He also received the Faculty Service Award and the Young Scholar Award from Purdue University (Krannert School of Management). Each year (from 2005 onwards), he received multiple awards/recognitions as a distinguished teacher.

Professor Siebert is working in the areas of: Industrial Organization (theoretical and empirical), Health Economics, Urban and Real Estate Economics, Innovation, Applied Microeconometrics, Applied Econometrics, Business and Economics, Microeconomics, Law and Economics, Experimental Economics.

Professor Siebert is highly recognized scholar with more than 50 research publications. He published in various top economics journals including the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Economic Journal, International Journal of Industrial Economics, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Managment Science, Review of Industrial Organization, Review of Economics and Statistics, among many others.

Professor Siebert has taught 18 different courses in multiple residential and online programs (including Undergraduate, PhD, MBA, and specialized Master's programs) at several prestigious places. He mentored more than 300 undergraduate and graduate students and supervised numerous undergraduate student research theses and PhD theses.
Professor Siebert's research studies primarily focus on the following topics: 
Antirust and Competition Policy: Licensing, Market Power, Mergers, Pricing, Research Joint Ventures
Auctions: Experiments and Structural Estimation
Dynamic Oligopoly Models: Evolution of Market Structure, Firms' and Market Dynamics, Optimal Pricing
Health and Pharmaceutical Markets: Biotech, Drug Pricing, Licensing and Mergers, Obesity, R&D in Pharmaceuticals
Real Estate/Housing Market: Foreclosure, Imperfect Information on Price and Quality, Price Discrimination
Innovation: Product- and Process Innovation, Patenting, New Product Introduction, Adoption of New Technologies
Product Market Competition: Multiproduct Competition, Network Effects, Optimal Pricing, Product Differentiation

Most of Professor Siebert's research is grounded in the interface between applied theory and empirical testing, i.e., structural modeling. His research studies often concentrate on market competitiveness, market performance, as well as firm and buyer behavior. His work frequently focuses on policy-relevant topics to provide insights for antitrust and competition policy. One main methodological research characteristic is the adoption of dynamic evaluation approaches.

Professor Siebert was a (Visiting) Associate Professor at the University of Chicago, Harvard University, Yale University, University of Toronto, Ludwig Maximilians University (Munich, Germany), Center for Economic Studies (Munich, Germany), Social Science Research Institute (WZB, Germany), European School of Management and Technology (Berlin, Germany), and Humboldt-University (Berlin, Germany).

Professor Siebert's work experience with companies, include:
(i) Alfred Teves (Manufacturer, Auto Parts Supplier)
(ii) Mercedes Benz (Manufacturer, Automobiles)
(iii) Obi (Retailer)
(iv) Volkswagen (Manufacturer, Automobiles)