Parrish Library

Completed in February 2012, the third and final phase of the renovation featured even more dramatic changes, including removal of the view-blocking circulation desk that greeted students when they entered the library. In its place is now a gathering area with movable furniture and a café.

Open for Business

A visit to the Roland G. Parrish Library of Management and Economics

If you haven’t taken the spiral staircase leading from the Krannert Building's Drawing Room to the library on the second floor, be prepared for a surprise.

The Roland G. Parrish Library of Management and Economics, formerly known as the Management and Economics Library, has completed a physical and philosophical transformation that reflects a changing model for information literacy and collaborative learning.

“We’re no longer just gatekeepers of materials,” says Tomalee Doan, associate professor of library science and head of the Parrish Library. “We’ve created an environment with the right content and services to support our information literacy initiatives and meet the curriculum and instructional needs of faculty, which in turn meets the learning needs of students.”

The first part of the three-phase renovation began in 2006 with an evaluation of the library’s extensive collection of books and periodicals, which also incorporates materials from Agricultural Economics, Consumer Sciences and Retailing, and Hospitality and Tourism Management.

The highest-use materials were retained, while lower-use materials were relocated to a compact storage facility in the basement of Rawls Hall or removed from circulation. That freed up space on the third floor of the building for the relocation of Krannert’s undergraduate programs offices, allowing the library to consolidate and enhance its facilities on the second floor.

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