Triscari is among the EBV alumni spotlighted on the Big Ten Network “LiveBIG” series, which also features 2013 graduate Amber Cotton, a former Army nurse and sergeant who managed a trauma intensive care center during her 2003 deployment in Iraq. Her business plan for Executive MD, a medical concierge practice that provides individualized health care and in-home visits to high-income clients, is already taking root in Florida.

Cotton, an advanced registered practical nurse, and her business partner, a trauma surgeon and personal physician, opened an office in Miami’s financial district earlier this year and are now serving clients in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Cotton’s next goal is to finalize a contract with an area hospital that will allow her company to provide round-the-clock telemedicine services in more than 200 specialties and subspecialties.

Tasked to serve

Lt. Cmdr. Craig Murray (MSIA ’14) knew of Purdue’s longtime connection to the Coast Guard when he applied for one of up to four “tabs” funded by Congress each year for the Coast Guard’s top engineering management and logistics officers.


Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr. Craig Murray (MSIA ’14), center, served as master of ceremonies at the 2013 Military and Veterans Affairs symposium and EBV commencement, while Lisa Pratt (left), wife of Army Capt. Matt Pratt, shared her award-winning voice in patriotic song. (Photo provided)

“It’s a very competitive process,” Murray says. “There is no mandate to attend a particular university, but Krannert is the preferred program and I never considered going anywhere else. It’s been an honor to continue the tradition.”

Murray was equally honored to join the student task force for Military and Veterans Affairs and to participate in the 2013 EBV program. Among his duties were serving as master of ceremonies at the Friday symposium, which also featured Krannert alumnus and USCG Rear Adm. Tom Ostebo (MSIA ’93), as well as emceeing Saturday’s EBV commencement.

“The military and veterans affairs task force has not only been an important support network but has also provided meaningful ways for me to continue to grow as a servant and leader," Murray says.

“Krannert and the EBV have broadened me personally and professionally by providing a learning experience infused with a rich mix of talent, gender, culture, age and race. I will be forever changed for the better."

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