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Krannert introduces new grad program in business analytics and information management

Businesses are collecting more data than ever before. Using that data to make better informed decisions is becoming a business requirement. Big data has limited value without the technology and expertise to turn data into usable information for all levels of an organization.

For decades, the Krannert School has used an analytical business approach to develop industry leaders. Krannert specializes in developing students who aim to build upon their science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) backgrounds to establish, lead and grow prominent organizations.

The Master of Science in Business Analytics and Information Management (MS BAIM) is a full-time, 11-month program beginning in June every year, designed to educate students in state-of-the-art information technologies and analytical techniques. Students will undergo a rigorous curriculum and develop facility with a variety of software tools currently used in business. Students also will have opportunities to apply what they are learning to real-world problems through experiential learning.

Eduniversal ranks Krannert’s management information systems field of study No. 4 in North America. Value Colleges has named the MS BAIM the No. 8 big data graduate program in the country.

This program focuses equally on both technologies and techniques to better prepare students for the current and future landscape of business data. Students are exposed to various functional areas of business and how they use information. Further, students can specialize in areas of interest such as supply chain. This program offers unique treatment of data analytics, gamification, and optimization modeling, and significant depth in SAS modeling and usage.

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