Data Collaboration

Research center captures practical business answers from massive data sets

Private and public enterprises increasingly recognize the value of data as a strategic asset. Organizations with significant investments in acquiring, managing and analyzing data to enhance decision-making gain a competitive advantage over peers that may not devote sufficient attention and resources to these activities.

To help organizations and individuals excel in the data-driven business world, the Krannert School is pioneering a bold, comprehensive initiative — the Business Information and Analytics Center (BIAC), which was established in spring 2016.

All areas of Krannert have a strong interest in data-centric work and will benefit from the cutting-edge research and experiential learning projects for both undergraduate and graduate students that the BIAC will foster, making Purdue a leader in STEM- based business education and research.

Collaborating with faculty, students and corporate partners, the BIAC seeks to enhance research and dissemination of state-of- the-art information technologies and analytical techniques to use the vast amounts of data available today for delivering actionable insights into business decision-making.

The BIAC differs from many existing centers/efforts in this domain, because it places equal emphasis on technologies and techniques, the twin requirements for success in the emerging world of big data, according to a recent McKinsey & Co. report.

This center will encompass data analytics-oriented initiatives spanning all areas of business and economics, cooperate and coordinate with other data-intensive efforts at Purdue and collect and house data from public proprietary, simulated and experimental sources for exploration, modeling and prediction.

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