Subh GangulySubh Ganguly

Subh Ganguly joins the marketing area as a visiting professor from the Indian Institute of Management in Udaipur Rajasthan, India. He earned his PhD in operations management from the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado, in 2013. His MBA in supply chain management  and finance is from the Eli Broad Graduate School of Management, Michigan State University. His current research projects include, “Using Used Computers to Improve Education for the Underprivileged: Creating Sustainable Value Chain” and “On-call Workforce: How Many Are Needed and When to Call.” Subh has teaching and industry experience, having worked as a supply chain manager for Avaya Inc., and as an information technology analyst for Tata Consultancy Service.

Olga SenichevaOlga Senicheva

Olga Senicheva joined Krannert in August as a continuous term lecturer after she obtained her PhD in business administration with concentration in supply chain management and logistics from Kuehne Logistics University (KLU), Hamburg, Germany. She has a solid quantitative background in supply chain modeling and analysis, which makes her a very good fit to our OM group. Her PhD thesis focuses on dynamic multi-location inventory planning. She will teach at the undergraduate level on core operations management and manufacturing planning and control.


Meara HabashiMeara Habashi

Meara Habashi returns to her alma mater from the University of Iowa as a continuous- term lecturer. She graduated with an MS and PhD in social psychology in 2008. Meara is well published and has written several book chapters. Along with teaching experience, she has relevant work experience that supports her teaching. Her research takes a traditional social cognitive person X situation approach to examine how different types of motivations affect various domains of behavior, including occupational preference, helping behavior, and information processing.

Raquel Asencio HodgeRaquel Asencio Hodge

Raquel Asencio Hodge joins Krannert as an assistant professor after receiving her PhD from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her research explores teams in context. She studies the processes and properties that make teams function effectively as part of the larger organizational systems. Her research interests include teams, multi-team systems, collective identity and social network analysis. Her teaching interests include social networks, teams, leadership, and organizational behavior and research methods. She was the recipient of the Goizueta Fellowship at Georgia Tech, established to advance minority involvement in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

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