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How KPDC Can Help

KPDC will help you achieve success!

We are committed to transforming the lives of students and impacting companies through the talent we nurture. Like our students, Krannert Professional Development Center (KPDC) team members are innovative problem solvers. 

We can help design a detailed and customized recruitment strategy for your business that goes far beyond setting up an information table or advertising open employment positions.

You'll have a harder time deciding who not to hire


Our employer engagement team will meet with you to discuss your recruitment needs, however large or small, and develop a plan that meets those needs and your budget. The plan can include:

Guidance from us on the best ways to source interns and full-time hires from Krannert

Best practices for engaging with students during the recruitment process

Krannert resume books structured to meet your criteria and hiring needs

Annual Success & Strategy meeting with our employer engagement team to maximize your recruitment outcomes

From participating on a panel to hosting a virtual site visit to teaching Excel, there are a number of ways to engage with Krannert students that go beyond the ordinary company information session. During your strategy meeting, KPDC will share how you can brand your organization to a student population.



“Lilly has a long-standing relationship with Purdue University, and over time we have continually seen high-caliber students prepared for a career with Lilly coming out of the Krannert School of Management.”

Alexis Cohen (Recruiter), Eli Lilly and Company

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