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The Golden Age of Sports Analytics

Thursday, February 23, 2017
3:00 pm

Sports Analytics expert Dr. Dave Schrader will present a talk “The Golden Age of Sports Analytics” on Thursday, February 23rd from 3-4:15pm in the Krannert Auditorium to Professor Lanham's Data Mining students and his invited guests. Topics will include:

  • What's happening around the world to collect and analyze data for recruiting, player development, game planning, and injury prevention?
  • How are analytics being used to improve business operations – ticket pricing, sales, and sponsorships?
  • What analytics do leading pro teams and leagues use for basketball, baseball, football, and soccer? How quickly are analytics being adopted?  Who is leading? What are they doing?
  • How do analytic techniques used in business apply to sports?  Where are there gaps? What are interesting research problems in sports analytics?
  • How can other parts of the university, like the business school or stats or computer science departments, collaborate with sports programs to provide analytics for teams?  What are good first projects to launch? 
  • Could we do “Moneyball at Purdue”? What have other universities done?

“Dr. Dave” retired after 30 years of industry experience at high-tech database companies and stayed on the Board of Directors for the Teradata University Network, the sponsor of this talk. He gave more than 45 talks last year at 20 schools in the USA and Germany to more than 2700 students, faculty, and coaches.  He was a Purdue’s School of Science Distinguished Graduate in 2004, and earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Purdue.