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Krannert Chinese Business Association


Krannert Chinese Business Association (KBA) is a culture club that consists of passionate and talented students who have interests in Chinese culture and Chinese business development. KCBA acts as a bridge between the Chinese community and the general community at Krannert. We strive to provide the Krannert students with chances to know Chinese business, learn Chinese culture and build strong connections with Chinese people, as well as helping the Krannert Chinese students make best use of resources at Krannert and enrich their lives at United States. We will achieve this by Chinese Business Case Competition (CBCC), Culture Partner program, culture sharing events (Chinese food & traditional festivals), guest speakers and seminars, career opportunities in the Greater China Regions, etc. China, the fastest-growing and second largest economy in the world, offers great opportunities to the world business.

Club Leadership

Wilson Wang

President:Wilson Wang

Yuijiu Feng

VP of HR: Yuijui Feng

Xinyi Wang

VP of Alumni Affairs: Xinyi Wang

Jiaxin Huang

VP of Events: Jiaxin Huang

Wenjia Cheng

VP of Finance: Wenjia Cheng

Club Highlights

  • KELLOG Business School Conference
  • Chinese Cultural Fest
  • Alumni Experience Sharing
  • Basketball Tournament
  • Ping Pong Competition
  • Chinese Employers Connection and Jobs Opportunities
  • Badminton Tournament
  • Resume Workshop

Club Contact:

Lunar New Year Event

Lunar New Year Event

Kellog conference
Kellog Conference of Management Conference
alumni experience charing
Alumni Experience Sharing
autumn barbeque
Mid-Autumn BBQ
Dinner with CEO
Dinner with CEO Mr. Hon Mun Yip
Ping pong competition 2015
Ping Pong Competition 2015
Badminton Tournament
Badminton Tournament
Culture Fest 2014
Culture Fest 2014