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2019 KGSA VP Election

KGSA VP Election Candidates 2019-20

These candidates will be running for the KGSA VP positions for the 2019-2020 year. There will be time during Wednesday's Social (2/13) for the candidates to pitch their candidacy. Take time to read each candidate's Letter of Intent and vote based on who you think will be the best representative of the Krannert School of Management.

VP Admin: Julie Sutton

 Julia Sutton

My fellow students,
I am writing with interest in the 2019-2020 VP of Administration position within the Krannert Graduate Student Association. This past academic year I served on the KGSA board as a first-year representative as well as Co-VP of Student Life, in which I’ve become familiar with the operations of KGSA and have identified ways in which I believe the group can be improved moving forward. 

Through the past year, the VPs of Administration (currently Pauleth, formerly Edgar) worked hard to streamline the flow of information between Krannert Masters clubs and the executive board, and I hope to continue this path to a stronger, more cohesive Krannert extracurricular family. Three primary campaigns I plan to continue:
        - Storing all KGSA-related files in a collaborative OneDrive
        - Utilizing the KGSA email account as a calendar of events, sharable to all
        - Facilitating communication between club presidents to encourage collaboration

In addition to the above, and based on my own experience with KGSA, I would like to improve the process of documentation of all KGSA-related materials for the sake of both transparency and future posterity. Very few records pertaining to past events exist on either a digital drive or in a paper file, causing unnecessary headaches for new board members. As your VP of Administration, I plan to implement a strict documentation outline which includes a consistent file naming convention, past event success reports, and consolidated planning documents. Within this system, I will maintain written minutes for meeting of both KGSA Board meetings as well as Club Presidents meetings, both of which can be made available to anyone. Upon the end of my term, I want the next board to feel as though all relevant information regarding this academic year is available and easily identified to ensure a smooth transition into the future.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my platform for VP of Administration. If there is any additional information I can provide, do not hesitate to reach out via email, phone, carrier pigeon, GroupMe, or tin-can-on-a-string. I would love to share more of my ideas for the future of KGSA to anyone with interest.

Julie Sutton

VP Marketing:  Alexandra Alan

Lisa Maria

Dear Krannert Family,

I am writing to express my intent to apply to the VP of Marketing position for the KGSA. There are a multitude of reasons behind my eagerness to run for this role, but the most significant is my desire to give back to Krannert, in gratitude for the life-changing experience it has given me. I have gained so much in my short time here, and I know I will benefit from the knowledge I’ve attained and the connections I’ve made for the rest of my life. I would like to spend the remainder of my time at Krannert striving towards making an impact that can stand up to the one that I’ve been blessed with. Additionally, as a career switcher who intends to move into marketing upon obtaining my MBA, the exposure to a notable opportunity that aligns with my personal aspirations is extremely compelling. Ultimately, I want to work hard for the KGSA both for what I can do for Krannert, and what I can learn from the considerable experience.

            I believe I have a great deal to offer the KGSA. I have experience with several significant areas involving marketing, including social media marketing, conducting market research, and facilitating focus groups for a marketing department with the purpose of developing and implementing fresh ideas in the workplace. As part of my undergraduate education, along with my personal interest in the subject, I also have significant exposure to numerous other aspects of marketing that I am eager to put to use to benefit the KGSA. This knowledge and experience, in symphony with my time management skills, aptitude for multitasking, ability to redirect whenever necessary, and (perhaps most importantly) my immeasurable respect and admiration for my fellow Boilermakers, make me an excellent candidate for the role of VP of Marketing.

            If I am lucky enough to be elected to this role, I aim to take advantage of a variety of platforms in order to deliver fresh, essential content to our Krannert family with a focus on excellent writing and delivering not only news revolving around Krannert, but information that can help all of us better achieve our goals. In addition, I would like to focus on spreading information in ways that can significantly reduce the amount of paper materials used each day, in order to foster a more sustainable, eco-friendly operation. I sincerely appreciate your consideration for this role, and promise to represent you fiercely!

 My very best,

 Alexandra (Alex) Alan

VP Student Life:

Candidate 1: Tanvi Ralhan

Tanvi Ralhan

Dear Krannert Family,

I am writing this letter to express my interest in running for the Vice President of Student Life in 2018-2019. Being a part of MBA class of 2020, I have experienced how hectic graduate life can be. As graduate students, we spend most part of our day in Rawls. In all this hustle, KGSA events are to make sure we don’t miss onto the celebrations associated with student life, and diverse cultural traditions. For me personally, and I am sure for the entire Krannert family, events such as the pumpkin carving, gingerbread house making, Diwali night, tailgating and thanksgiving dinner, were not only ways to share the diversity our family inherits but also bring the family closer.

As the VP of Student Life, I would want to be able to deliver a spectrum of events representative of each and every member of our family. In a student’s life, growth is measured by academics. But awareness and appreciation of diversity, social skills, and leadership, also echo with growth for a student. My attempt will be to work towards this growth of our cohort by presenting them convenient and fun-filled opportunities outside that class that will enrich their school experience.

I was motivated to express my intent for this position because I felt that the leadership roles I took up during my undergraduate really align with what skills and qualities this role demands. As a part of the executive body of Aiesec, a not-for-profit student exchange organization, I was leading the end-to-end planning and delivery of many events, such as the local amazing race, a music concert, and a corporate panel discussion. This experience indeed motivated me to be a part of KGSA’s winter formal committee as well. What these roles and responsibilities taught me was that it’s not just about the event’s success but the journey of delivering it with a team; team coordination, crisis management, marketing, and most importantly, the right expectation setting with the students.

As the VP of Student life, my aim will be to consistently innovate in terms of what interactive platforms we offer to the students. I am aware that managing this alongside school will be hectic but that’s what makes this challenge interesting and a challenge only a good team can take up. Personally, this will be my way of giving back to my Krannert family.


Tanvi Ralhan

Candidate 2: Charlie McClarnon

Charlie Mcclarnon

To my Krannert peers-

This past year has been a crazy ride.  Meeting so many people from so many different places and backgrounds has been a tremendous blessing.  I can honestly say that out of all the schools, companies and organizations I’ve been a part of, you guys are by far the hardest working group of individuals I’ve ever encountered.  I can walk through Rawls at any hour of the day and run into one of you putting the hours into one thing or another. For that reason and many others, I am extremely proud to be here.

I have been a Boiler my entire life.  A significant part of my childhood revolved around coming to Purdue for every home football game.  My grandfather was a Boiler, my father was a Boiler and two of my older brothers were Boilers.  We travelled across the country as a family going to away games and bowl games and my home was decorated like a Purdue museum.  I spent three years at that school down south standing in silence hiding the Purdue spirit in me.  We all had an innumerable amount of options when it came to furthering our career and our education.  For me, the biggest reason I am here is that I wanted to permanently solidify my legacy as a Boiler.

In running for VP of Student Life, I want to spread those enthusiastic vibes into Krannert. We already have an incredible culture of inclusion and participation in grad school events, but I want to take that to the next level.  Those of you who know me know that I love popping into your study rooms to annoy you and drag you out to social events.   That is because one of my greatest passions in life is to create a fun environment for others (and myself).  My goal is for next year is to grow that mentality so that when we’re done here, we’ll all be a little closer.

Keep working hard Krannert, that’s why we’re here, but remember to have some fun.  YOLO!


Charlie McClarnon

VP Professional Development:

Candidate 1: Priyanka Jain

Priyanka Jain

Dear Boilermakers,

Since childhood, my parents have taught me the importance of giving back to our society both by explaining and implementing the same in their lives. Learning some of their core values, I have at all times tried to help the society in all the ways I can.

Starting from middle school, I was always a part of my student committee till I graduated and now a part of their alumni association. I was also elected as the representative of both the student association and placement committee in my undergraduate studies. Even then I did not rest. In my previous organization, I was again elected as a member of Self Governance team during my training, where my team was a bridge between 350 trainees and the management.

If given a chance, I want to be the Vice President of Professional Development in Krannert Graduate Student Association. When I joined Krannert, I got privileged to be a part of such a great community and interact with alumni all around the world. I promise to create an environment where every new student gets a chance to interact with at least one alumni and other students strengthen their relationship with alumni. I will achieve this through the following ways:

Interaction –

There are different types of people in this world – some extroverts, some introverts and some ambiverts as well. I will create opportunities with more alumni involvement so that all the students in all the above categories get a chance to interact with other alumni. Some of the events I will focus on will be case competitions, site visits, treks, winter formal and other culture events as well.

Development –

Krannert gives all of us various opportunities to develop not only our technical or business skills but also soft and communication skills. I will enhance the importance of professional development among students both through academic and social affairs. To emerge as leaders in this world and represent Krannert, we have all the resources at KPDC (not to mention, great career coaches) to focus on our overall development.

Relationships –

Building strong relationships is one of my core strengths. I was fortunate to be a part of two major city treks in my six months at Krannert – New York (Finance Trek) and San Francisco (Tech Trek). Through these treks, I got a chance to meet the alumni in different locations and made great connections. I will utilize my skills and engage more and more alumni in all the events and activities at Krannert so that students build their strong network not only through LinkedIn but also in person.

Candidate 2:  Morgan Dennis Ellis

Aaron Ruvalcaba

Dear Krannert Family,

 In our brief time here, we have the unique opportunity to not only interact with current students, but also to connect with alumni and future employers. There are thousands of alumni within the Krannert network and many of them come to recruit current students. The core purpose of us being at Krannert is to increase our value in the marketplace and to establish foundations for successful careers.

 As VP of Professional Development, my sole focus would be to help add value to your graduate program experience. My measurement of value is answering the question of, “How will this activity/event/idea help students have success in their internships, initial jobs and throughout their careers?”. Value can be added in many areas of professional development. 

 For example, having alumni speak on a monthly basis about their experience at Krannert, initial roles and responsibilities, specifics about their professional field, insights into the marketplace and other items adds value to your program. Highlighting alumni in the KGSA announcement emails adds value to your program by expanding your network. Practicing and developing professional skills not taught in the classroom adds value to your program by preparing you for the marketplace.

 I look forward to working with you to increase the value of the our graduate school experience by exploring careers and expanding networks!


 Morgan Dennis Ellis

Candidate 3: Raj Dwarapureddi

Aaron Ruvalcaba

My Dear Friend,

To be where you are today, you have left the comfort of your home and have travelled far to board this ship. You have braved to sail these waters and acquired several skills as you began to adjust. You missed your loved ones in your important moments and battled through sickness and dullness, for this voyage promised you a better future. I commend your will power and would like to offer my hearty wishes for your success so far.

 I’m a firm believer that any successful story consists of right people with the right abilities, in the right place, at the right time. So, this is how I would like to support you in your journey:

By making sure that you meet the right people, whether it is the industry experts or esteemed alumni and by making sure that you have the right abilities that the market demands. I will try my best to expose you to the latest trends in the work world and also expose all your abilities and personality to the recruiters. As someone who has witnessed your toil in the halls of Rawls, I truly believe in your potential. All you need is that attention from the right people which is what as the VP Professional Development, I would deliver.

 My friend, whatever your need might be, ask and you shall receive. May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind ever be at your back. I wish you fair winds and following seas.

Warm Regards,

Raj Dwarapureddi