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Krannert Graduate Student Association (KGSA)



The mission of KGSA is to improve the student experience by fostering professional development, leveraging diversity, and building relationships built on trust, humility, respect and a commitment to excellence.

KGSA is the governing body of Krannert’s student clubs and is responsible for representing the interests of the entire student body with a simple mission: Enhance the Krannert Experience.  KGSA directly oversees the planning and implementation of student activities, programs, and processes designed to add value to your experience as a student at Krannert.  This governing body provides an excellent leadership opportunity, as it is a comprehensive organization that initiates institutional change, manages resource allocation, and addresses the needs of hundreds of students.

OPEN DOOR POLICY: KGSA has an open door policy for everyone who wants to participate in our weekly board meetings or visit the KGSA Office.

Board Meeting Attendance Rules:

If you would like to participate in the board meeting, below are some ground rules to ensure the meeting goes smoothly.

  • If you plan to observe, please arrive on-time. Make sure to know the exact time the meeting starts and plan to arrive early.

  • If you would like to present an idea, ensure you have contacted a KGSA board member prior to the meeting to sponsor your idea. To be added to the agenda, send an email to the VP of Communications or your KGSA board sponsor more than two days in advance.

  • Any non-board member who is not presenting or on the agenda to discuss the idea, is welcome to observe any time. Please refrain from raising topics that are not on the agenda, although questions pertaining to agenda items that require brief explanations are more than welcome.

  • Please also be aware that only KGSA board members can vote in board meetings.